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L'Wren Scott Death Questions

L'Wren Scott Death Questions

L'Wren Scott On Lifetime TV - Project Runway- Season 9 - Episode 14 - Guest Judge L'Wren Scott On Lifetime TV - Project Runway- Season 9 - Episode 14 - Guest Judge - Lifetime - All Rights Reserved

I was always a huge fan of L'Wren Scott and her amazing designs.  I was as shocked as the rest of the world when I heard of her recent tragic death on April 17th.  Obviously there are L'Wren Scott death questions which many people have that remain unanswered.

Note: This blog does not deal with hair, beauty or fashion. Instead it deals with L'Wren Scott and the astrological indicators around her death. If this does not fit with your philosophical or religious beliefs you may wish to stop reading now.

Of course it's important to respect the privacy of her family and friends. Not that I have Mick Jagger's phone number. Even if I did, I wouldn't call him and ask questions.

L'WrenScott2_250h L'Wren Scott On Lifetime TV - Project Runway- Season 9 - Episode 14 - Guest Judge - Lifetime - All Rights Reserved

Having tragically lost my own husband very suddenly nine years ago I completely understand the unrelenting grief and total devastation surrounding such a tragic loss.

Astrology May Offer Answers

For me, the only thing which offered me any type of solace after my husband's death was astrology.  I constructed several charts after his passing to try and understand what had really happened.

The charts actually gave me peace and closure.  After that I was able to start the process of healing. Of course grief can take years to transition through, but for me knowledge helped begin to pick up the pieces.

I've been studying astrology since I was fifteen years old when I couldn't figure out why my high school crush totally ignored me.  Astrology helped me then and continues to help me centuries later.

Trying to find some answers to the L'Wren Scott death questions can started by examining her natal chart.

Of course there are many different types of charts I could look at including transits, progressions and eclipse charts. Looking simply at her natal chart (shown below) provides lots of answers, even though her time of birth was unknown.According to Wikipedia, L'Wren (Luann Bambrough) was born 49 years ago on April 28, 1964 in Roy, Utah, exact time unknown.

L'Wren's natal sun sign was in Taurus as was her natal Mercury and Jupiter.  Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which rules all matters of love and beauty as well as jewelry and fashion.

Venus rules all those whose business ventures involving adornment of women with jewels, clothing or beautiful objects.

It's no surprise L'Wren started her spectacular career in the world of modeling where beautiful people are highly valued.  The Utah born native was known for her striking 6'3" beauty.

L'Wren's Noon Natal Chart

L'WrenScottDeathTransits-1_250h L'Wren Scott Body Discovery By Karen Marie Shelton - - All Rights Reserved

If you take L'Wren's birth chart for noon her rising sign is Leo which would be fitting for her personality.  L'Wren was known for her leonine mane of lush, thick dark hair, which cascaded almost to her waist. Leos always make their presence known in any gathering.

Indeed, the famous fashion designer magnetized those around her with iconic wit, charm and perpetually upbeat attitude. An ascendant based on a sunrise chart would put Venus ruled Taurus on the first with the likelihood of her natal sun in the first.

The natal sun in the first house will often manifest like a Leo ascendant. Common adjectives used to describe L'Wren included independent, confident, generous, glamorous and sophisticated which are often used to describe Leo natives.

There's no doubt based upon her natal chart that L'Wren was a very lovely person, both internally and externally.

Planetary Transits For Discovery Of L'Wren Scott's Death

Regardless of the natal ascendant, the planet Venus at 22 degrees of Gemini was very significant in L'Wren's birth chart.

When utilizing secondary progressions to find answers to L'Wren Scott death questions, it's immediately obvious that her ruling planet - Venus - had just changed signs from Gemini into Cancer which often signifies a major turning point in the native's life.

New & Full Moon Triggers

Although her death at 49 years of age might seem sudden, planetary placements indicate she was probably thinking about ending her life for some time.

Unfortunately with her Taurus sun and planets along with a possible Scorpio moon, L'Wren was most likely very  secretive about her inner feelings.  Those close to her might have had no idea of what she was contemplating with regard to her suicide.

L'WrenScottOnProjectRunway_250h L'Wren Scott On Lifetime TV - Project Runway- Season 9 - Episode 14 - Guest Judge - Lifetime - All Rights Reserved

The New Moon on March 1st fell at 10 degrees of Pisces (ruled by Neptune) into her 8th house of death closely opposing her natal Pluto (death, transformation) in her 2nd house of money and finances.

The New and Full Moons are often triggers for taking action.

Transiting Neptune at 5 degrees of Pisces was also in her 8th natal house and forming a conjunction to the Part of Fortune, having recently left a conjunction to her natal Saturn, in Pisces in her 7th house.

This could have triggered a separation, either temporarily or permanently in a long term partnership.

Transiting Neptune in the 8th (money from partners) was opposing her natal Pluto in her 2nd house (her income).

Sense Of Loss Plus Confusion

This could very well mean L'Wren was experiencing a sense of great loss (Pluto) and confusion (Neptune) with regard to what she valued (2nd house) most in her life with regards to her ability to be financially successful (2nd house) and her work.

Transiting Neptune opposing her Pluto most likely triggered confusion, self-doubt and delusions about partnerships and her future career path.

L'Wren's fierce independence and ambition were well-known in her inner circles.  She never wished to be defined by her relationship with Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones.

Although rumors of her estrangement from Jagger were fiercely denied, Neptune can often bring a cloud of deception, confusion, illusions and delusions.

It can also usher in unfounded fears. These planetary placements could hint that L'Wren was afraid the relationship with {{asin=8854407631,text=Mick Jagger}} was ending, whether it actually was or not.

Transiting Neptune - Confusion, Illusions, Delusions MickJaggerBookCover_250h

In addition, the Neptune Pluto opposition pointed to very severe financial problems which had been happening for an extended period of time. Again Neptune might attempt to hide the true nature of the problems or cause a lot of confusion.

It could also point to L'Wren's unwillingness to face the problems or to hide behind a range of distractions to avoid dealing with mounting problems.

Transiting Pluto in March of 2008 made it's first opposition to her noon based chart's 12th house of secrets or problems behind the scenes as it continued it's path through her house of romance, love and children.

Pluto Opposing The Natal North Node

Four years ago in February of 2010 Pluto moved to 5 degrees of Capricorn opposing her karmic North Node in Cancer in the 11th house of hopes, wishes, dreams and money from career.

Pluto also formed an exact conjunction to her South Node in Capricorn on her 5th house. All of this Pluto activity also indicates serious financial challenges and a point of crisis.

These Pluto transits may also have pushed L'Wren into serious doubts about her life path. Instead of being a high powered fashion designer with a famous boyfriend, it's possible L'Wren longed for a more traditional love with children, security and less pressures.

HeidiKlum_250h America's Got Talent - Heidi Klum -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC) © NBC Universal, Inc.

She may have started to question everything about her life as she approached age 50, but felt trapped by the path she was already on, the people who depended upon her and her own need to be independent and a success.

It's also highly likely based on all the astrological indications that L'Wren wanted to go out with her head held high at the top of her game rather than a possible failure with a shuttered fashion business, major financial problems and a possible split from her high profile love.

Often Pluto transits and aspects can trigger depression, fear and a sense of loss. Pluto can sometimes push even the most even tempered people over the edge.

Summary - Answers To L'Wren Scott Death Questions

Astrology teaches that there must be more than one indication of planetary influences before making judgements.  In the case of L'Wren's death, there are many astrological indications.

Besides a key progression to her ruling planet Venus, a key Chiron Return in Pisces as well as the ongoing transits of Pluto and Neptune, the upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses for April would have touched her chart in significant ways.

Putting all of these astrological signs together indicates L'Wren's likely feelings of depression, despair and fears regarding her business, relationship, loss of fame, lost direction and even the hint of  feeling the loss of her youth.

Heidi Klum Heidi Klum

The beautiful designer was approaching her 50th birthday and based on her progressed Venus in her chart she may have felt a deep loneliness and despair.  Venus also points to her belief that her best years were behind her putting her at serious risk of losing her boyfriend, her dreams of a family and her reputation.

After all, in the incredibly high pressure fashion world, as Heidi Klum says on Project Runway (where L'Wren was a past guest judge) "one day you're in and the next you're out."  Indeed, maybe L'Wren decided to script her own end.

Rest In Pease L'Wren Scott.

Disclaimer: This blog is based upon my own personal astrological interpretations of the birth chart of L'Wren Scott based on her published birth data.  All content provided in this blog is for informational purposes only. makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any links on this site. All images are credited and constitute fair use.  This site strictly follows all DMCA requirements.

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