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Hairpin Wishes

Introduction - Hairpin Wishes

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Just for fun I receive a Daily Wish in my email every day.  Today's wish caught my eye because it was Hairpin Wishes.

I must confess, I could write many blogs on the use of hairpins for the hair, the origins of hairpins, even the best places to buy hairpins. However, I never considered there was such a thing as Hairpin Wishes.

I'm also making the assumption that hairpins refer to bobby pins which are more common hair pins than the U shaped opened ones.  Of course it might be true that the Hairpin Wishes only refer to the original hair pins which don't touch in the middle.

Hairpin Wishes In My Inbox

The Hairpin Wishes which showed up in my inbox for April 28, 2013 were the following:

If you find a hairpin, hang it on a nail and make a wish. Some say the nail should be rusty.

If you find a hairpin, hang it on a wire or nail and make a wish as you say: 'Hairpin; wind spin.'

If the wind ever blows the hairpin off the wire or nail, the wish you made on it will come true.

If you find a hairpin, hang it in a tree and wish for a letter from someone in particular.

Of course I've heard of wishing on stars, dandelions, petals from a flower and even on coins you throw into a Wishing Well.  The Hairpin Wishes were an interesting new twist.

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I decided to do additional research to see what I had been missing with Hairpin Wishes.  Afterall, I love anything related to hair or hair accessories so I was thrilled at the opportunity to multi-task with some of my favorite hairpins.

Kentucky Superstitions

In searching on the Internet I found more Hairpin Wishes from the book "Kentucky Superstitions", by Daniel Lindsey Thomas, Lucy Blayney Thomas.   Listed below are some of the additional Hairpin Wishes I discovered:

2044. If you find a hairpin and hang it up on the first thing you see, you will get a letter.

2045. If you find a hairpin and hang it on the first nail you see, you will get a friend.

2046. If you find a hairpin, hang it on a nail or anything iron. It will bring good luck.

2047. If your hairpin drops out of your hair, someone whom you like is thinking of you.

2048. If a woman drops a hairpin and fails to pick it up, she will lose a friend.

2049. If you pick up a hairpin, you will fall... Mountains

2050. If a hairpin is about to come out of a girl's hair, someone is "on his head" about her..........................................Western Kentucky

Results Of Hairpin Wishes?

Do Hairpin Wishes really work?  I honestly can't say since until I opened my email today I had no idea they even existed.  Growing up as a little girl my grandmother used to have many little sayings and wishes.  The only one I really remember is "step on a crack, break your mother's back."

Although I'm probably not going to go out of my way to hang a hairpin on a nail or hang it on a tree, I'm definitely going to remember the wishes and tuck the information away for a rainy day.   Have you ever used Hairpin wishes?  If so, I'd love to hear your experiences.

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