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Pink Hair For Charity

Introduction - Pink Hair For Charity

Singer Pink - With Pink Hair At 2001 AMA Awards Singer Pink - With Pink Hair At 2001 AMA Awards

When crediting the evolution of pink tresses as a fashionable hair color, singer Pink must be mentioned.

The origins of pink hair for charity can be directly linked to Alecia Beth Moore (born September 8, 1979), better known by her stage name Pink (stylized as P!nk), is an American singer-songwriter, musician and actress.

Originally a member of the girl group Choice, Pink began her solo career with her first single, "There You Go" off her debut album, Can't Take Me Home in 2000.  The R&B album was certified double-platinum in the United States and launched Pink's career.

Pink Tressed Gwen Stefani

Even before Alecia Beth Moore laid claim to pink hair, signer Gwen Stefani of the group No Doubt showcased pink hair in 1999.  The two rockers triggered a pink hair fashion trend which has rippled through hair fashions every since.

Although Pink and Gwen transitioned out of pink base color into highlights and low lights, eventually they abandoned the rosy hues and transitioned through an array of other hair colors, eventually settling in for a long stay in the white blonde families.

Since Gwen and Pink make pink hair fashionable, a dizzying array of celebrities ranging from Kelly Osborne and Katy Perry to Nicki Minaj have adopted the edgy hair color.

The color pink is now commonly utilized as a full base, as highlights, low lights, clip-in accent strands, primary chalk colors and even a primary color for dip dyes which are no longer as popular.

While pink hair was initially considered shocking, controversial and even unattractive in some fashion and media circles, the color is now as common as tatts, piercings and Botox.

Evolution Of Pink Hair For Charity

Katy Perry With Pink Hair Katy Perry With Pink Hair

As pink hair color became more acceptable in the hair fashion arena it was adopted for a wide range of charity events ranging from pink Breast Cancer hair festivals to a range of other charitable events.

In 2010 famed hair manufacturer Paul Mitchell launched a major pink hair initiative to support Breast Cancer.

March Of Dimes Charity Challenge

Another good example of the adoption of pink hair as a form of a charity event was Principal Bob Wood of Rush Elementary School in Lubbock, Texas agreed to dye his own hair pink as part of a fund-raising challenge for the March of Dimes "Match for Babies" in April of 2010.

Wood challenged the kids that if the boy won the fund-raising event he would dye his hair blue.  If the girls won, he would dye his tresses pink.

The principal of Rush Elementary agreed to sport an unusual hair color Friday as part of a fund-raising challenge for the March of Dimes. He told the kids if the boys won he would dye his hair blue, and if the girls did he would dye it pink.

The girls won the competition and Principal Wood had pink hair, but everyone had a good time.

Demi Lovato With Pop Of Hot Pink Rainbow Hair Color Demi Lovato With Pop Of Hot Pink Rainbow Hair Color

"Like I explained to the kids today, the act of giving is what's important and makes them feel good. Try to enjoy it, and I want them to have that for their entire life," said Principal Bob Wood.  To show their support, the kindergarten class that raised the most money also dyed their hair pink.

Summary - Pink Hair For Charity

When dying hair pink first hit the fashion hair world, it was on the heads of rockers Gwen Stefani and Pink.

Those two pioneering pink tressed rockers triggered a pink hair trend which was embraced by a wide range of rockers, celebrities and consumers around the globe.

Ultimately pink hair became linked with support breast cancer and other important charity events.  Going pink for a major charity cause or event is often a great way to get media attention.

Although going with pink hair was considered shocking back in the early days of Gwen and Pink, it's now as commonplace as going blonde, red or any of the other primary hair colors.

Expect the hair color to continue to thrive.

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