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DIY Egg Shampoo

Introduction - DIY Egg Shampoo

Fresh Eggs For Egg Shampoo Fresh Eggs For Egg Shampoo

Whether you're in the market for some hard core protein for distressed or damaged hair, or want a pure shampoo product, you may enjoy experimenting with this very cool Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Egg Shampoo.

The egg, which is pure protein, acts as a natural hair cleanser.   The albumen of the egg whites does the actual cleaning with the yolks providing conditioning.

For some people, protein is a great hair healer.   Some hair experts believe the protein molecule derived from eggs is too large to penetrate hair cuticles.  Other believe it can pass through into the hair cuticles.

Some  people swear by a DIY Egg Shampoo while others find it's too protein rich and leave hair dry or frizzy.

When a DIY Egg Shampoo leaves hair feeling dry, it can be neutralized by adding a tiny bit of jojoba or similar oil to the mix.  Be careful not to add too much or it can have the reverse effect of leaving hair oily.

Note:  A general warning for those with colored or highlighted hair is that eggs may remove hair color in some cases.

Many hair consumers with long or very long hair or tresses which require extra protein would enjoy experiment with DIY egg shampoo treatments.

Eggs For Mixing Eggs For Mixing

Egg Shampoo Compromise

A good compromise for those who find a natural egg shampoo to be too drying is to first prep dry hair with a good oil like jojoba or coconut.  Once hair has been pre-conditioned, step in the shower and get hair very wet.  Apply the pre-assembled egg shampoo.

Allow the egg shampoo to soak into hair for 5-10 minutes.  Rinse mixture out of hair completely.

After hair has been completely rinse, apply a deep conditioner from the roots to the ends.  Allow the deep conditioner to remain on tresses for up to 10 minutes.

Detangle individual hair sections from the ends up to the roots with fingers or a wide tooth comb.

After detangling, rinse hair completely and then finish with a cool or cold water final rinse.

Dry Hair Option

If you prefer, you can apply the foamy egg mixture to dry hair.  Allow the egg wash to flow down the length of the tresses before stepping in the shower to rinse the egg off.

Egg Shampoo With Egg Yolk Only

If you prefer an egg shampoo made only with egg yolks the basic recipe is:

1 egg yolk (dispose of the egg white or use for an egg white omelet)

1 teaspoon of organic honey

1 dash of lemon juice (citric acid granules or ascorbic acid can be substituted)

1/2 cup lukewarm (not hot) water.

Whipped Egg Whites Whipped Egg Whites

Optional:  Add henna or cassia to thicken mixture.  Optionally you may also add up to 4 drops of Essential Oils (EO) such as rosemary (great for hair in general) eucalyptus, lemon (for blondes) sage (for brunettes) or ylang-ylang.

All of these Essential Oils can be used on skin or the scalp.

Optionally you may also wish to experiment with adding aloe vera gel instead of/or in addition to the honey.

How To Mix Egg Shampoo

Mix one egg yolk with one teaspoon or organic honey.  Mix completely until honey is  completely dissolved.  Add a squirt of lemon juice (or citric or ascorbic acid or any other ingredient which is acidic).  Continue mixing until completely blended.

Note:  If your hair is longer than shoulder length, very thick or naturally textured, make double or triple the basic recipe.  It's extremely important to mix the egg shampoo with a whisk to make sure it's completely blended.

Egg Shampoo Application Direction

Apply egg shampoo to wet hair under the shower.  Allow egg shampoo to remain on hair for 5-10 minutes, depending on how dirty and/or greasy hair is.

Rinse out the egg shampoo completely with lukewarm water.  Follow with an acidic style  rinse such as Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) or chamomile tea with a pinch of ascorbic-acid.

Egg Resting On Bowl Egg Resting On Bowl

Optionally you can follow with a chamomile tea and lemon juice rinse (for light colored hair) or rosemary rinse (for brunettes).

Egg Shampoo Using Entire Egg

1 egg + 1 egg yolk

1/4 cup lukewarm (not hot) water

1 pinch (1/8 tsp) of citric acid granules

1 teaspoon of organic honey

Note:  If you have hair which is longer than shoulder length or naturally textured, make double or triple the basic recipe.

How To Mix Egg Shampoo

Slowly dissolve honey in warm water by stirring well.  Once honey is completely dissolved, slowly beat the entire egg (including yolk) into the mixture.  Stir in a pinch of citric acid or a splash of lemon juice.

Egg Shampoo Application Direction

Wet pre-detangled hair with lukewarm water.  Step into the shower or use a spray bottle or similar to douse hair with water.  Use fingers to perform an accordion style movement to remove excess water from the ends.

Hair Topia Beautiful Hair Oil Made With 100% Organic Jojoba Hair Topia Beautiful Hair Oil Made With 100% Organic Jojoba

Apply egg shampoo mixture to wet hair starting at the roots.  Using fingers, gently massage entire egg shampoo mixture into the entire length of the hair.  Allow mixture to remain in hair for at least 5-10 minutes.

Rinse egg shampoo completely from hair.  If desired, apply a deep or rinse out conditioner. Finish with  cool or cold water rinse.

Note:  Remember to use lukewarm or cool water with an egg shampoo.  The hotter the water, the bigger the risk of cooking small bits of egg into strands.  If egg is cooked into hair it's easy to remove.

Alternative Egg Shampoo

1 entire egg (yolk + white) whipped with a whisk

1/4 cup of purified room temperature water

4 drops of glycerin

4 drops of jojoba oil

1/8 cup of organic  honey

How To Mix Egg Shampoo

Slowly dissolve honey into water by stirring well.  Once honey is completely dissolved, use a whisk  to slowly beat in the entire egg, including yolk.   Stir in glycerin and jojoba oil.  The advantage to adding glycerin and jojoba oil is that the egg is less likely to cook in the hair.

Egg Mixed With Amla

Water Water

Mixing egg and amla together also creates a very good egg shampoo.    Use 1 egg plus 1 teaspoon of amla powder mixed with 2 tablespoons of hot water and 1/8 teaspoon 40X aloe concentrate.

Soften the amla powder in hot water.  Add egg. Beat completely.  Add aloe concentrate at the end.

Other DIY Egg Shampoo Options

Another great strengthening egg shampoo might include a mixture of a single egg yolk, 1-2 teaspoons of marshmallow root powder mixed with 1-2 teaspoons of cassia neutral henna and a little water.

You may also wish to try adding 1-2 teaspoons of Aloe Vera gel and 1/4th teaspoon of almond oil to your DIY mix.

Egg Shampoo Application Direction

Get detangled hair very wet with lukewarm water.  Use fingers to do an accordion style movement to remove excess water from the ends.  Apply Egg Shampoo from roots down the strands to the ends.

olive oil olive oil

Note:  You may wish to apply a light jojoba or extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to dry or distressed strands before the Egg Shampoo cleansing processing.

Salmonella, E.coli or Other Dangers From Using Raw Eggs In DIY Egg Shampoo

Some people worry about salmonella, E.coli or other dangerous contamination  from using raw eggs.  Although there is always the possibility of developing salmonelle or E.coli, it is unlikely that it can occur when applying raw eggs to the hair or scalp unless the egg mixture is swallowed, allowed to penetrate into the eyes or nose.

Even then, if this does occur, it is very unlikely that a problem would develop.  It's more important to keep hands and preparation areas spotless and avoid cross contamination issues.

When in doubt about the use of raw eggs, always discuss the potential hazards with your primary physician.  This is true for anyone under medical treatment.

Summary - DIY Egg Shampoo

Although DIY egg shampoo recipes work fabulously for some, they don't work equally well for all.  Some types of hair really benefit from a DIY egg shampoo. Many find that it imparts shine, softness and shimmer.

For other types of hair, egg shampoos might be too drying and leave tangles or frizz.  If you've never performed a DIY egg shampoo on your hair before you may want to give it a try.

Dedication:  This blog is dedicated to Dave Decker who inspires me to push the envelope on taking great care of my long hair with all natural DIY hair nurturing treatments like this DIY Egg Shampoo.

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