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Justin Bieber's Teen Idol Hairstyles

Introduction - Justin Bieber's Teen Idol Hairstyles

Justin Bieber With Long Swooped Fringe Justin Bieber With Long Swooped Fringe

Go ahead, name a current or past teen idol with bad hair.  You probably can't because hair is a critical element which helps to define and shape the hottest teen idols.

Since first exploding on YouTubein 2007  Justin Bieber has consistently showcased teen idol hairstyles.

The Beatles were one of the first all boy bands who triggered a world-wide frenzy with their mop-top hairstyles.

Those silken long eyebrow grazing hairstyles were copied by many boy bands through the years including the Monkees who were known more for their sexy hair, charisma and all-around good looks then their musical talents.

Past Teen Idol Hairstyles

When you think about Justin Bieber and past teen idols like  Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato you think about amazing hair.

Of course we can't forget earlier teen idol hairstyle stars such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling.

Bieber's teen idol hairstyles combined with his delicate facial features  inspired a popular blog called"Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber."  The blog which has been Bieber approved as funny underlines how The Bieb's hair is a key part of his phenomenal world wide success.

Justin Bieber With More Refined Mop Top Hairstyle Justin Bieber With More Refined Mop Top Hairstyle

Even openly gay country crooner k.d. lang confirmed Bieber's girlish good looks when she called him "hot as s---!"  k.d. lang should know.

Some of Justin's faux hawk spiked hairstyles actually have resembled some of lang's past iconic haircuts. Not to mention that Justin Bieber's cuts sometimes look similar to Justin Timberlake's past hairstyles.

History Of Justin Bieber's Teen Idol Hairstyles

Listed below is a brief history of The Biebs' luscious locks transition through famous teen idol hairstyles:

1.  Justin Bieber Mop Top

In January of 2007 the adorable 12-year-old Canadian becomes an overnight sensation when his mom posts a YouTube clip of him performing Ne-Yo's "So Sick".  His long shaggy bangs flow into a mop top hairstyle  which he impishly whips out of his eyes.  His hair makes young tween and teen girls swoon around the globe.

His initial hairstyle resembles those worn by The Beatles and The Monkees.

By the time The Biebs, as his fans called him, turns 15 he's part of a bidding war between Usher and Justin Timberlake.  Usher won the contest to sign Bieber.  His teen idol style mop-top hair because a much-copied style around the world by both males and females.

2. Justin Bieber Short Refined Mop Top

Katy Perry & Justin Bieber With Shorter Mop Top Hairstyle Katy Perry & Justin Bieber With Shorter Mop Top Hairstyle

In 2009 as Bieber fever built to an unbelievable frenzy, the Canadian pop star continued to rock a shorter, sleeker and more refined mop top in keeping with teen idol hairstyles.  His initial shaggy bangs were shorter with a hint of layering throughout.

If you compare his initial YouTube hair to the 2009 cut and style it appears subtle highlights and low lights were incorporated into the pop star's tresses.

Like other pop stars the Biebs has his own personal celebrity hairstylist, Vanessa Price, who is the mastermind behind the teen idol hairstyles the superstar debuts.

3.  TMZ Live Hairchop For eBay Auction

In early 2011 the superstar shocks the world by having his famous mop top chopped off during TMZ Live.

His hairstylist told the media the big haircut was in the works for over 6 months as part of the pop idol's brand and style evolution.

The hit-maker put his newly chopped off tresses on eBay where all the proceeds went to benefit The Gentle Barn charity.

Justin Bieber With Famous 2011 Shaggy Haircut Justin Bieber With Famous 2011 Shaggy Haircut

Bieber appeared on Ellen to talk about his new hairstyle which is an edgy, layered and tousled crop.Although some fans initially protested the new haircut, eventually it became a non-issue as Bieber Fever continued to build.

When he appeared on Ellen with his new edgy hairstyle The Biebs joked about what motivated the hair change. “I was inspired by yours! Yeah [people were freaking out], but I was like, ‘I don’t really care.” he said.

4.  Justin Bieber Chops, Crops, Hawks & Related Teen Idol Hairstyles

Once the International pop star shed his original mop top for an edgy shag, his transition through a range of teen idol hairstyles hit warp speed.

Throughout 2011 and 2012 Justin was spotted with a dizzying array of hair chops, crops, faux and real hawks and even bleach tips sprinkled throughout a classic pompadour in honor of a previous Justin Timberlake hairstyle.

Justin Bieber Hair Spikes At Victoria Secret 2012 Show Justin Bieber Hair Spikes At Victoria Secret 2012 Show

In November of 2011 The Biebs appeared on the Red Carpet at The American Music Awards with Selena Gomez on his arm.  His fine strands were parted to one side and sleek slicked back in a Mad Menesque hairdo.

5.  Justin Bieber Hair Spikes

As 2012 wound down Bieber was spotted with more sophisticated adult hairstyles including a fabulous spiked hairstyle he rocked as a featured performer at The Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

A lot of current buzz behind The Bieb's hairstyles focus on his goals to seamlessly transition from a teen pop star with an array of teen idol hairstyles to a more adult version of a big star like Justin Timberlake.

Indeed, it's important that all of the Bieber's fans grow up and transition with him.

While fans continue to watch his continuing hair transitions, music industry insiders wonder if Justin Bieber will be able to transition into the world of successful big time music stars.

Only time will tell.  Regardless, he will always be famous for his amazing teen idol hairstyles.

Summary - Justin Bieber's Teen Idol Hairstyles

In the 5+ years Justin Bieber has been on the scene, he's showcased a spectacular array of teen idol hairstyles.  From the Beatles inspired mop-top back in 2007 and 2008 to the current 2012 array of pompadours, spikes and crops, the superstar has put his hairstyles front and center.  Expert The Biebs to continue to embrace new hairstyles as his career continues to evolve.

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