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Chemically Infused Beach Waves

Brunette With Beachy Waves

Chemically Infused Beach Waves

Who doesn't want beach infused hair waves?  They never really go out of fashion reappearing every year during Spring Break and lasting until the Fall.

While it would be nice to know anyone could have natural beach waves without any muss or fuss, the reality is that only some hair can rock the look naturally.  The goal is to create a hairstyle which indicates a relaxed day at the beach.  Tresses which natural bend or texture have the best chance of forming  beachy waves.

Hair which is naturally straight, tightly curled or coiled is not easily converted into those lush undulated waves.  Ditto for hair prone to fuzziness or frizz.

While beach hair can be created on type of hair with an array of styling products and hot tools, the beauty industry offers chemical options.

Whenever you introduce chemicals to any type or texture of hair, there are known risks ranging from dehydration to split ends, tears and damage to the overall integrity of the hair.

For some, chemicals are an ideal solution for creating beach inspired waves.  It's just never the solution for everyone.

Pravana Beach Wave Hair Blocks With Pick

How To:  Chemically Created Beach Waves

Chemically created beach waves are usually created with a semi-permanent infusion of texture through the use of traditional Thio or similar formulations.  Many of the professional hair manufacturers offer a chemical perming solution which can be used to create a beach wave on most types, textures and lengths of hair.  These are usually referred to as soft perms.

Keep in mind that perms are not always for everyone.  The pros and cons of a perm should always be discussed with your hair pro.

Keratin Restructuring Serum

Some companies like Pravana™ use a Thio-free Keratin Fusion Restructuring Serum designed to infuse hair with silk and human hair keratin.  Pravana advertises their chemical beach wave solution is designed to strengthen, protect and add shine to any hair transformed into a new beach wave style.  This is a new twist on traditional perms which do not use keratin.

Note:  Scruples has a product named Texture Wave which doesn't use Keratin, but creates a similar wave pattern.

As part of their wave creation kit Pravana provides cosmetologists with their exclusive wave blocks.  These blocks are used to wrap the entire head after first being washed with a sulfate-free style shampoo.

Pravana Beach Wave Spray Mist

The newly washed hair is parted and then individual sections of hair are positioned onto the wave blocks.  In essence the Pravana blocks are a redesigned version of traditional perming rods used in the late 70s into the 80s.

Wrapping hair in foam blocks changes up the traditional and methodical way of providing a hair texture service with optional wave shapes and patterns.

The exclusive Beach Wave blocks allow for the creation of soft subtle waves which can be worn natural or styled with a curling iron for a tighter or more uniform curl.  The shape, size and placement of the waves are directly tied to how the hair is sectioned, how many blocks are used and how much tension is applied to the hair.

Chemical Reforming Lotion

Once the hair is wrapped as desired, a chemical reforming lotion is applied.  The lotion is applied to the most resistant sections of the hair first.   The hair is saturated from the bottom to the top making sure that all parts of the hair are completely covered.   The lotion is left on the hair from 3 to 25 minutes depending upon whether the hair is color treated, highlighted or chemical free (virgin).

The hairstylist will keep a close eye on the lotion infused hair to make sure it is not left on the improper amount of time.   After the lotion is allowed to set, it is completely rinsed with clear water for three minutes.  The hair is blotted and then a bonding lotion is applied.  The bonding lotion remains on the hair for up to five (5) minutes.

Pravana Sulfate Shampoo

After the bonding lotion is rinsed out of the hair, it is towel dried.  Pravana's Keratin Fusion Restructuring Serum is then applied to the hair.  It is allowed to process for up to three minutes before it is completely rinsed out.  Hair is blotted again to remove excess moisture.

Final Steps

During the final step Pravana's Beach Wave Control Mist is liberally applied to the towel blotted to keep hair soft and full of movement.

Although this type of wave perm is not radically new or different, the use of blocks allows for new wave designs.  The introduction of Keratin is designed to minimize the possibility of perm related damage and the development of frizz and fuzz.  Ultimately whatever tool you wrap damp hair around and coat with reforming lotion will result in a that shape.


Should you go with a chemical infused beach wave?  There are pros and cons depending upon your hair's length, current condition (healthy or damaged) and your goals for rocking long term waves.  When in doubt discuss with your professional hair consultant or visit a stylist educated in chemical hair restructuring.

For more information on the Pravana Beach Wave Control visit:

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