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How To Prevent Breakup Bob Regrets

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Celebrities Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler were widely quoted as poster celebs for The Breakup Bob back in 2008.  Both actresses went through widely publicized break-ups followed by a major hair chop.

Definition Of A Breakup Bob

The definition of a Breakup Bob?  A bob or similar short haircut adopted right after a major break-up of other life transition to create a brand new image.

Recently actress Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical became the latest celebrity to go through a major break-up with Zac Efron.  She promptly chopped off her famous long raven tresses.  Although Vanessa claimed the big chop was due to a film role, fans were horrified.

Vanessa Hudgen's Shocking Hair Chop

Vanessa's chop was especially shocking because it was too short for a traditional Breakup Bob style.  Eventually the actress had fusion style hair extensions installed which gave her a below-the-chin length traditional bob.

Celebrities aren't the only ones who chop off their hair after a bad break-up, divorce or other major lifestyle change.   Many people who reach a major transition point in their lives feel the need to change their hair. 

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While the primary change is often a major hair cut or hair change, sometimes there is a texture (from textured to straight or vice versa) or a hair color change.

Closing A Key Chapter In Your Life

Famed psychologist Betty Alice Erickson, M.S., daughter of Dr. Milton Erickson, told me that people often change their appearance as a way to close a key chapter in their lives.    Whether that key chapter is a major break-up or graduation from college or ending a long time job, a new hairstyle can help to show a brand new side or yourself.

Breakup Bobs don't have to be traumatic.  They can be a great time to show a different side of who you are or to signal a new beginning.  Unfortunately some people who adopt a Breakup Bob are emotionally distraught and not thinking clearly.  As a result they chop in haste and repent in leisure.

If you're in the mood for a major hair chop, it may be because you're under emotional distress.  Instead of rushing off to the hair salon or grabbing the scissors yourself, prevent any Breakup Bob regrets by first changing your appearance with a wig.

Samantha's Wig On Sex And The City

Opulence Gabor Wig -

When Samantha (Kim Cattrall) lost all her hair on Sex And The City (SATC) she demonstrated how fabulous wigs can be to instantly alter your appearance.

Samantha opted for several wigs in a wide range of colors, textures and lengths to completely alter her persona.  It was a fabulous example of how to repackage your look without later regrets.

If you go with a wig and love the look, you can always follow up with the big chop at a later date when you are less emotional fragile.

That way you can express your need to be different with a variety of wigs, but not have to repent in leisure.

Visit for a great selection of amazing wigs in every color, length, texture and price ranging from 100% human hair to synthetic.

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