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Emilie de Ravin Beachy Waves Of Spun Gold

Emilie de Raven

Golden haired Emilie Allison De Ravin-Will​iams-Lovidi​cus (born 27 December 1981 in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia outside of Melbourne) is an Australian actress famous for her beautiful beachy waves.

Emilie is commonly associated with her roles as Tess Harding on Roswell and Claire Littleton on the ABC drama Lost.  She also invoked jealously in many young females when she co-starred in Remember Me (2010) with Robert Pattinson.

Belle From Beauty And The Beast

ABC today (11/8/11) announced that de Ravin will guest star on Once Upon A Time. The 29-year-old actress is set to play Belle from Beauty and The Beast.

While Ravin’s Once Upon A Time gig is expected to only last one episode, her time as Belle will show she has a connection to a scary Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle).  Other a few hints, de Ravin's role is being kept strictly under wraps.

Will Emilie de Raven Wear A Platinum Wig For Belle?

According to TV Guide, a Gaston character is also expected to show up during the episode.  Will it be de Raven?  Afterall, she starred on ABC's Lost and was a fan favorite.  One big question is whether or not de Raven as Belle will go platinum blonde.  If she does, will de Raven sacrifice her picture perfect golden waves or will she wear a wig?

Emilie de Raven

Her Waves Spun Of Gold

When the actress who has comes from French heritage starred opposite Twilight's Robert Pattinson in Remember Me her naturally textured hair was skillfully spun into golden waves by famed New York colorist Beth Minardi.

Minardi wanted to create a visually stunning blonde hue for Emilie which would help her hold her own opposite the very handsome Pattinson.

The famed colorist, who has created some of the most spectacular hair colors for the big screen wrapped Emilie's hair in alternating light blonde highlights and mild light toner.  She skillfully hand painted a large number of highlights around the hairline to help lighten Emilie's face and showcase her piercing blue eyes.

Minardi reported in Modern Salon that she  “used Vero Lights (lightener) in one foil and in the other foil, I used Vero KPAK 9RG mixed with 20 Volume Developer. For the final glaze I used the Vero Chrome G9, also known as ‘spun gold.’”

Emilie de Raven

Of course the results of Emilie spun golden blonde was breathtaking as anyone can confirm who saw the tear jerker film.

Now that Emilie is set to appear in the hit ABC series Beauty and The Beast will she actually sacrifice her golden blonde waves for a white blonde hue?

Or will she keep her golden strands?  I vote for the spun gold.  What about you?

More About Emilie de Ravin

De Ravin's film credits include Santa's Slay (2005), The Hills Have Eyes (2006) and Ball Don't Lie (2008). She starred as Brendan Frye's heroin-addicted ex-girlfriend Emily in the neo-noir film Brick (2005).

She had a small cameo in Public Enemies (2009) and De Ravin was included on Maxim's Hot 100 list three times: in 2005, on #47, the next year on #65, and in 2008 on #68.

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