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Netflix Bank Of America And Kim Kardashian Boycotts

Kim Kardashian With Raven Black Hair

Netflix Bank Of America And Kim Kardashian Boycotts

Consumers are mad and they're not going to take it anymore.  When Netflix announced that they were raising their fees and separating their streaming services from their CD delivery service subscribers voted with their feet.

Hordes of subscribers clicked unsubscribe and took their business to a myriad of other providers including Hulu Plus.  Even after Netflix tried to undo the damage.

Bank Of America Client Losses

When Bank Of America announced that they were adding a fee for using BOA debit cards customers were enraged.

In essence BOA was going to charge their customers for using their own money that they were keeping at BOA.  Not only were customers outraged, they voted with their feet and BOA has watched a steady stream of angry customers close their accounts and move them to credit unions and competitive banks.

Kardashian Boycotts

Now supporters of gay marriage along with many other consumers are outraged of the mockery of the recent wildly extravagant Kardashian wedding and divorce after only 72 days.

In a climate where people can't find jobs, get enough to eat or keep a secure roof over their heads, the Kardashian wedding was considered an ostentatious display in completely bad taste.  Not to mention the fact that many who wish to marry for love can't because of legal, political and society restrictions. 

White Out Kim Kardashian With Dash Out

The response to the Kardashian divorce?  A PR nightmare of enormous proportions.  There have been calls by supporters of gay marriage and other politically active groups for boycotts of the Kardashian products and all of the Kardashian reality TV shows.  Some are even pushing their outrage onto E! and calling for a boycott of E! and producer Ryan Seacrest.

Others are developing a Kardashian blocker.  Yes, you read that right.  There is now Dash Out, The Kardashian Blocker courtesy of the brilliant software gurus at Free Art & Technology.

Adding The Kardashian Dash Out Blocker

According to the Dash Out website they note the following:

“In a time where many wish to marry out of love but can’t because of how others feel about the sanctity of it all, we have celebrity Kim Kardashian to thank for showing us how great celebrity life can be… gorgeous ceremony, romantic honeymoon, million dollar licensing fees, and everything in between.

As the masses drool over her over-produced reality, for others, ignorance can be a true bliss with a little help from the Dash-Out browser blockers.”

Installing On Firefox And Chrome

How does the Dash Out Blocker work?  It simply installs a small extension into your Web browser (works for Firefox and Chrome) that automatically whites out any mention of Kim Kardashian.

Although this could be construed as censorship, in essence it's a way to vote against the Kardashian empire with a few clicks of your mouse.  When I tried it in Firefox, it worked just fine.  While there have been some people who claim it can cause issues with Twitter, for the most part it is bulletproof.

Vote With Your Feet, Your Mouse And Your Dollars

One of the great things consumers can do is vote against companies and brands which attempt to implement policies which are considered unfair or downright immoral.

What do you think?  Are you ready to join a Kardashian boycott?

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