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10 Possible Reasons Kim Kardashian Filed For Divorce

Kris Kardashian Jennfer

10 Possible Reasons Kim Kardashian Filed For Divorce

Since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from new husband Kim Humphries on Monday, October 31st, after just 72 days of marriage,  there has been a backlash of tidal wave proportion from fans, the media and critics.

Kardashian announced the divorce on her website, and some of the nearly 3,000 comments posted there just two days later questioned whether the wedding was a hoax and all for show.

After all, the next installment of the Kardashian reality TV series "Kourtney and Kim Take New York"  is set to premiere on November 27th and allegedly will deal in depth with Kim's marriage problems to Humpries.

Hoax Wedding And Divorce?

A hoax wedding and divorce?  Indeed, some are calling the Kardashian-Humphries televised nuptials the most hysterically hyped marriage in modern history designed simply to amp up ratings for the various Kardashian Korporation reality shows, new handbag collection or myriad of products the Kardashians have their brand tentacles injected into.

Khloe Kardashian

Robert Thompson, director of the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University noted on The Huffington Post that with a television family such as the Kardashians, "I don't know if the distinction between reality and contrivance means anything anymore."

Of course there is the argument that Kim Kardashian's life is no one's business.  Except that it is, on television, all the time.

Since the announcement of the Kardashian divorce filing the following top ten reasons have been listed as the top reasons for the divorce.  These top reasons have been proposed by the media and a variety of sources:

1.  Kim's intuition - In her first interview in Australia where she was appearing with sister Khloe to promote a new handbag line she would only say 'I think when you know so deep in your heart that you just to listen to your intuition and follow your heart, there's no right or wrong thing to do.'

Does Kim know some deep dark secrets about Kris Humphries that no one else does?

2.  Kris Humphries wasn't who Kim thought he was - TMZ reports that Kim actually wrote a letter to family members immediately prior to filing on Monday, excerpts from which include:

"I know this seems crazy... I've spent the last few months struggling with my marriage... Kris is a great guy but we come from such different worlds and he isn't what I thought when we 1st met. I'm embarrassed that I took everyone on this journey with me and had this huge wedding. But I have to be happy, so I have to let this relationship go."

Kris and Bruce Jenner

This dies in closely with #1 which is Kim's intuition.  Does she know some deep secret about Humphries that she may or may not ever share with the world?

Many point to the fact that the couple did not invest enough time to really get to know each other before getting engaged and married.

3.  Regret over loss of Reggie Bush - While the media covered a wide range of Kardashian/Humphries events, there was very little reported about the couple's physical chemistry.  To some there seemed to be serious attraction missing between the couple.  The same could not be said about Kim and her ex-Reggie Bush.  Insiders believe Kardashian really wanted to be with Bush, but because Bush couldn't deal with Kim's lifestyle, they couldn't make things work.

Meanwhile the 31-year-old reality TV queen was alleged to have met up with Reggie last weekend, hours before she filed court papers citing "irreconcilable differences" with Kris. A source has told MediaTakeOut that Reggie told Kim she had to divorce Kris for any chance of them reconciling.

4.  The Humphries clan hated Kim - On November 2nd reported that Kim is telling her posse, "It's ridiculous that Kris' family is making Kris look like the victim."

We're told she says the reality is ... they constantly "belittled" her, were "nasty" to her family and Kim is saying a lot of this was captured on camera.  Kim is telling friends that Kris' family is actually partly to blame for the failure of the marriage.

5.  The Kardashian clan hated Kris - Although Khloe, my favorite Kardashian (tied with Bruce) is very outspoken and made it known she didn't like Kris Humphries, it's hard to really know how the rest of the clan felt.

The media has reported that Kourtney and Rob also didn't get along with Humphries, but Bruce Jenner and Mama Kris seemed friendly and cordial to the family newcomer.  Was that for the benefit of the camera?

Kris Kardashian and Kris Jenner

6.  Kris Humphries was spending all of Kim's money - This is a hotly debated topic, but seems to have some crumbs of truth.  It's a well-known fact that Kardashian, 31, works long hours juggling her reality shows and multiple moneymaking ventures.

Meanwhile the NBA basketball hunk 26, is unemployed thanks to the NBA lockout.  Instead of getting busy and helping Kim, he's been spotted out and about partying up a storm on his wife's dime.   There's also rumors that Humphries was bilked in a bad investment scheme and Kim was horrified.  Is that the truth?  Hard to know, but money seems to be a major issue for this couple.

7.  Kris Humphries would not drink the Kardashian Kool-Aid - The Kardashians are a reality TV family and understand the importance of befriending the media.  They also understand that cameras will be rolling non-stop to capture enough footage to create the various episodes for all of the Kardashian shows.

Reportedly Humphries was completely freaked out by constantly being on camera and surrounded by film crews.  He also was visibly unnerved by all the paparazzi swarming him and Kim at all hours of the day and night.  There were also rumors that Kris was very rude to the media which horrified Kim and the Kardashians who value their media relationships.

Of course Kris Humphries was also showcased in the media for being rude and obnoxious to Khloe Kardashian and other members of the Kardashian family.

Kimberly Kardashian

8. Couple was completely incompatible - There are countless reports about a wide range of glaring incompatibilities between the couple ranging from the fact that Kim is a well-documented neat freak and Kris is a total slob.   Of course there was the whole issue of Kris insisting that his two dogs be allowed to sleep in bed with the couple with Kim being totally grossed out.

Many insiders have shared the fact that Kim is a true romantic who is in love with love, but often has a hard time separating fact from fantasy.  While she may have initially believed Kris was her Prince Charming ultimately Kim may have discovered he was a frog in a professional football jersey.

Although initially discounted as a factor, Kris Humphries is only 26 years old while Kim is 31.   While 5 years might not be such a big problem in some relationships, Kris and Kim not only had 5 years separating them, they came from completely different backgrounds and had vastly different levels of sophistication and life experiences.

9. Kim wanted more hoopla - A lot of brides who have over-the-top weddings experience post-wedding blahs.  In Kim's case, she needs lot of media attention to be successful.   Did a quick divorce filing offer more media attention and excitement?

Kim explained why she didn't break up before the wedding, rather than after, by saying  'I got caught up with the hoopla and the filming of the TV show that when I probably should have ended my relationship (with Humphries), I didn’t know how to and didn’t want to disappoint a lot of people.'

10.  Kris Humphries was a plug and play groom - Some insiders believe that Kim was under intense pressure from her mother, family and friends to get married and have babies.  She also wanted the dream wedding and needed a groom to plug into her fantasy.  There is actually a trend for brides to marry the wrong groom in order to have their special day.  Once the wedding is over divorce seems like the ultimate escape.

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