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Gillian Jacobs Does IAMA On Reddit

Actress Gillian Jacobs (October 20, 1982) of NBC's  Community did an IAMA (I am a) on social media's Reddit earlier today.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania born Jacobs is  best known for her role as Britta Perry (2009 - Present) on the NBC comedy series Community.

The gorgeous blonde actress is of Irish, Scottish, German and French heritage.

Although Jacobs has been on Community since 2009, her acting career is sizzling as a result of her increased fan base.  She certainly was a welcome visitor on Reddit.

How did she find her way to Reddit? She was introduced to the forum by "Joe Russo. Our executive producer and frequent director."

Gillian loves her role on Community.  In an interview in Venus Zine's Fall 2010 Issue she said "There's an absurdity to the show. We exist in a world in which anything can happen week to week, and that pushes me in so many ways."

Questions And Answers With Gillian Jacobs

The Julliard School acting grad, who was a member of the Drama Division's Group 33, answered a lot of the Reddit community's questions which offered interesting insight into the actress.  One interesting insight was her response to the question whether she liked or played video games.  She said she's not "good at video games.  I did really enjoy Street Fighter as a kid."

When asked her favorite episode (aired to date) on Community?  She said "I loved the bottle episode, Paintball I, D&D...too many to name."

How Much Of Britta Is Gillian's Interpretation?

A Reddit visitor asked how much of Britta comes from the minds of Harmon & the Community writing team versus from Gillian's own interpretation.

The gorgeous actress said "I trust Dan and the writers completely. I think they have integrated my awkward dance moves into the show and Britta shares my inability to sing."

Uncontrollable Laughing?

Obviously Community is hilarious.  The actress was asked if she ever cracks up doing scenes on Community?  Did she ever laugh so much they had to stop filming?

Gillian said "Joel and I could not stop laughing during the Dean Pelton montage in the clip show. I think he made an awesome Tina Turner.  Ken Jeong laughed for an hour during the Shirley baby shower and ruined countless takes."

And the behind the scene antics?  Jacobs said "even more hilarious" than anyone could ever possibly imagine.

Favorite Guest Star?

Her favorite guest star on Community so far? Paul F. Tompkins! Patton Oswalt! Jack Black! I wish we could have John Oliver on every week."

The Community co-star didn't give any teasers for upcoming episodes.  She did say that of the three seasons she preferred her hairstyle in Season three over Season one of two.

Her Acting Career

So what was the worst thing she's had to do (or go through) in her acting career and what's the best part?

She said "Managing to earn a living as an actor is the true highlight.  The worst job I ever had was probably one of the many no budget independent films I've worked on. I once had to share an office with the Dominican Communist Party in Manhattan in lieu of having a dressing room. That sucked."

Upcoming Films And Projects

The actress who made her name locally at the Pittsburgh Public Theater told Reddit that she had a few movies coming up.

She said "One is called I am in a movie called "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" with Keira Knightley and Steve Carrell and an insane little movie called "Revenge for Jolly." I think a movie I am in called, "Sin Bin" will be going to festivals soon."

More About Gillian Jacobs

Jacobs's first national exposure came as Adele Congreve on the television series The Book of Daniel. Although she played Kimberly in the television pilot of Traveler, the role was recast when ABC acquired the series. She subsequently made guest appearances on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Fringe.

In 2006, Jacobs starred in an Off-Off-Broadway theatre production of playwright Chris Denham's cagelove. While overall critical reaction to the play was negative, Jacobs earned praise in several reviews.

The New York Times advised readers to "make sure to remember the name of Gillian Jacobs, a stunning Juilliard graduate who has the glow of a star in the making".   She has also appeared in theatrical productions of The Fabulous Life of a Size Zero (2007) and The Little Flower of East Orange (2008), directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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