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Evan Rachel Wood Adds Curls To Short Haircut

Evan Rachel Wood Adds Curls To Short Haircut

Actress Evan Rachel Wood (born  September 7, 1987) showed off yet another unique hairstyle carved into her short pixie haircut at the Ides of March premiere in Beverly Hills.  It was a retro look which evoked memories of David Bowie back in the day.

Her curled short hairstyle worked in harmony with her menswear fashion which rocked the Red Carpet.  The 24 year old actress who has made news for her recent work in Mildred Pierce is enjoying a sizzling acting career.

She has grabbed headlines recently for her discussion of her bisexuality, her drastic chopping of her previously long tresses into a shockingly short cut and her latest acting roles.

One of the key challenges for hair when you go as short as Evan Rachel is keeping it fresh and interesting.  When hair is cut into a short pixie, chop or crop like Evan Rachel's there are different parameters then when hair is medium or longer.

Super short hair like Evan Rachel's can't be instantly changed with clip-in or fusion style extensions without a lot of effort because the natural base hair is too short to anchor longer extension locks.  Even clip-ins require some hair length for a seamless transition.

I must say while I actually preferred Evan Rachel's hair longer and lighter, her latest finger curled texture was a great choice for the suit she wore on the Red Carpet at the Ides of March premiere.  It dressed up her short hair in a brilliantly inspired way, but didn't look overly done or too fussy.

Adding Balance To Short Hair

The actress wore tapered white pants, an open white jacket and a contrasting black bustier.  Her suit was softened with the layering of strands of black and silver jewels from Neil Lane.

Her ears, which are always visible with her short tresses, were adorned with matching stud earrings.  She carried a small but elegant Salvatore Ferragamo clutch.

Kudos to her fashion stylist and hair dresser (celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis) who managed to combine hard and soft for a striking combination that was uniquely balanced.

When hair is as short as Evan Rachel's, it's important to keep any added texture balanced to the length of the hair and the face.  Of course whatever fashions are worn is another key factor.

How To Style

One of the advantages of Evan Rachel's hairstyle is that it is low maintenance, but  truly wash and wear.  It also offered the option to showcase some stunning make-up which she did.  The actress showcased flawless glam makeup, smoky eyes and shimmering lip color.

Follow the steps below to recreate on a short pixie hair cut:

1. Start by washing hair with appropriate shampoo for hair type, texture and condition. If hair is highlighted, lowlighted or bleached use a hydrating and color safe formula.

2. Rinse and finish with a cool or cold water rinse to amp up shine.

3. Apply desired styling cocktail including, but not limited to, a leave-in conditioner, mousse and/or defrisant (depending on whether hair has a tendency to get fuzzy).  Spray hair with Phyto Volume Actif to build in lots of sexy lift at the roots.

4. Use fingers combined with a blow dryer set on a low speed, cool setting. Lift individual sections of hair with fingers along roots to build in volume.   Since hair is so short it should dry quickly.

5. When hair is completely dry, use the long tail of a comb to create a deep side part even with the arch of the eyebrow.

6.  Direct the rest of the hair on top of the head to the opposite side of the part. Use a slight styling cream or styling paste and apply to the sides as well as the back to create a smooth finish and contrast to the top.

7.  Apply a curl enhancing product to the top of the hair.  Using  small (3/4"), medium (1 1/2")  and large barrel (2") curling irons, work on variable sized sections of hair along the top of the head from the hairline to the crown.  The sections should vary in size to create a tousled and deconstructed finish.   The sections should range from 1/2" to 2".  Create different sized curls with the iron across the top section of the head.  In essence you are creating a faux finger waved look but without the uniformity or tightness.

8.  After each section is curled, allow it to cool.  Gently tug the newly formed curl with your fingers to give it a loose natural spring.

9.  Spray with a light styling spray or hairspray to finish.  Use fingers to rake hair for a pieced out finish.

10.  For added shine you may wish to apply 1 drop of shine serum or spray into the palms of your hands and swipe it across the top of your finished style.

Optionally this hairstyle can be created by sectioning newly washed hair and pin curled in alternating different directions with different thicknesses of individual strands.  Or you can create a more traditional finger wave and then deconstruct it.

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