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Sarah Jessica Parker Sexually Attacked By Bodyguard

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Sexually Attacked By Bodyguard

Sarah Jessica Parker has had to endure a lot as a movie star.  Although a famous men's magazine publicly called her out in the past as not being hot, she was recently sexually attacked in Moscow while promoting "I Don't Know How She Does It."  Even worse?  Her attacker was her bodyguard for the trip, Oleg Donostov.

Donostov allegedly cornered SJP as she was leaving the theater where the movie was filmed, ripped open his shirt and tried to make out with her.   SJP screamed and pushed him away, but the incident was supposedly caught on video.

When interviewed about the incident Donstov showed no remorse, even after his wife discovered what he did by seeing the video on TV.

His explanation?  "I shouldn't have done that as a professional, but I couldn't believe Sarah Jessica Parker was there, that close to me. Home life could be even more difficult but I'll try to buy some roses and smooth things over."

It sounds like SJP needed to hire a second bodyguard to protect her against the first one who was obviously not buying the news by the men's magazine that Sarah Jessica is not attractive.  Obviously she's gorgeous, sexy and enticing enough for her bodyguard to lose his mind.

My only thought is why he didn't attack her in private when the video cameras weren't rolling?

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