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Long Haired Samson Playing College Football For Utah

During last year's Superbowl the media was abuzz about the professional football players with long flowing locks.  Green Bay's Clay Matthews III (shown to the side) was renowned for his long blonde blowing locks which ultimately won him a hair advertising campaign.

Troy Polamalu of the Steelers also won fame for his long flowing locks which won him his own shampoo endorsement.

Now it seems that long haired football players are a making their presence known in the college ranks.

Gordon Monson, a columnist for the Salt Lake City Tribune wrote a column about Utah middle linebacker  Kevin Chaz Walker (113) who plays in the Mountain West Conference.

Walker, who goes by Chaz, is noteworthy for his Samson inspired long, dark, flowing locks which he's been growing since his freshman year when he showed up on campus with a buzz cut.

He's starting his senior year and has said he has no intention of trimming his below-the-shoulder tresses because “I’d miss it too much … I like it.”

Adding to his long hair is a black beard which gives him a definite look of Samson.  Walker has said “I’ll cut my hair one day.” When?  He says "When I’m done playing.”

“He’s got a bracelet that says: ‘Long hair, don’t care,’” says fellow linebacker Trevor Reilly. “It just means, ‘Bring it on.’ That’s Chaz.”

Besides liking his long hair, it would be interesting to know if Chaz has his eye on a professional football career.  Having long flowing locks in the vein of Samson would definitely give him an edge.  Just look at Clay Matthews.

At least the scouts would relate to his long hair which has become very popular with other members of the Green Bay Packers besides Matthews.

Long hair on men, in general, not just professional football players, has become fashionable.  In a hair climate where men are getting hair extensions, it's not unusual to find a man with below-the-shoulder tresses.

Of course if Chaz has any dreams of entering the military there could definitely an re-introduction to the clippers and a return to his freshmen buzz cut.

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