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Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger Star Of Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger is the star and executive producer of Bravo’s hit docu-series “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Going into its fifth season, the show has gained record-breaking viewership and captured a worldwide following for Stanger.

Stanger is known for navigating her business dealings with intense passion, and for those that turn to her for help in the love department, she gives them nothing less than her soul in the quest to find them their perfect match.

Her bluntness continues to garner her infamy, but no one can deny that Stanger has one of the biggest hearts in the matchmaking field and is often sought out for advice by other matchmaking professionals.

An experienced third-generation matchmaker, Stanger founded her company, the Millionaire’s Club, in January 2000.

Introduction services in the new millennium were no longer only for the dateless and desperate, but they were becoming far more acceptable and mainstream. Stanger realized that busy, upscale men simply didn't have the time to go looking for a relationship and weren't meeting the kind of women that they dreamed about.

These men needed a private, exclusive club where they could be introduced to exceptional women in a relaxing, discreet and confidential manner. She also saw that, in the dating-service industry, the odds of a woman joining a premier dating service on her own were very low, so she set out to recruit women from across the country and around the world through advertisements, magazine articles, dating scouts and television appearances.

Highly Trained Staff - Destin Pfaff & Rachel Federoff

From the initial meeting through the marriage proposal, the Millionaire’s Club works with clients on an individual basis and coaches the member through each stage of the dating process by providing them with tailored feedback every step of the way. Stanger and her highly trained staff -- including COO Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff, Vice President of Matching -- personally match every member according to their exact preferences and requirements, and follow up with each one on a regular basis.

The club also works closely with leading psychologists, relationship counselors, dating coaches, hypnotherapists and image consultants, as well as with a variety of top-notch personal trainers and hairstylists. The Millionaire's Club knows that chemistry is everything, which is why catering to its members' precise standards remains its top priority.

The Millionaire's Club currently has over 30,000 women available for its members, attracting men and women all around the globe. Their contemporary approach sets it apart from those of traditional matchmakers, and it is the original matchmaking/consultation service that allows most women to join for free -- while charging most men $45,000 to $150,000 per year. Her format has been copied by many other organizations, but none have equaled Stanger’s extraordinary success.

Great Expectations Dating Service

Prior to starting the Millionaire's Club, Stanger served five years as the Director of Marketing for Great Expectations, one of the oldest dating services in the United States. Early in her career, she spent 10 years in the fashion industry working for well-known companies such as Union Bay Sportswear, JouJou Jeans and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Stanger’s business continues to flourish. She has a best-selling book, “Become Your Own Matchmaker” (now available in paperback), she has starred in a film produced by Pfaff -- “Married in a Year” (available in retail stores everywhere) and she has successfully branched out into television and film acting.

This year, Stanger embarked on two of her most successful campaigns -- as the continuing spokesperson for Sensa weight loss and the face of Pucker Vodka. She has a general market dating website ( and a weekly Celebrity Advice column in Star magazine. Stanger is also a weekly contributor to various entertainment outlets.

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