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A Simplified Approach To Grooming For Men Through TowelDry

A Simplified Approach To Grooming For Men Through TowelDry

Las Vegas—August, 2011—TowelDry offers men a simplified approach to grooming through a two-step regimen—shampoos with built-in conditioners formulated specifically for fine, medium or thick hair and a system of high performance styling products.

The company is seeking full-service U.S. and international distributors at Cosmoprof North America and is available in salons, barbershops and beauty stores.

TowelDry Shampoos use natural extracts and plant derivatives, proteins that strengthen the hair and Built-in Conditioners™ that nourish hair and give it a natural vitality and luster.

· TowelDry Thickening Shampoo, for men with fine or thinning hair or any guy who loves a squeaky clean feeling, cleans and clarifies with rich lather—but no sulfates—to wash away product build-up and remove hard water build-up and chlorine. Swimmers love it! Pro-vitamin B5 adds thickness, body and shine. SRP $16.00/12 oz./355 ml.

· TowelDry Hydrating Shampoo is an all-in-one sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and body wash for men with medium to normal hair and also for guys who like daily conditioning. Natural oils and shea butter moisturize the scalp and hydrate the hair. SRP $16.00/12 oz./355 ml.

· TowelDry Conditioning Shampoo is an all-in-one creamy shampoo, conditioner and body wash for men with thick, curly or longer hair and for guys who like their hair feeling soft and manageable. Natural oils and shea butter nourish dry scalp and quench thirsty hair. It also provides natural dandruff control. SRP $16.00/12 oz./355 ml.

TowelDry Stylers are reliable and consistently perform for guys on the go.

· TowelDry Crème Styler features natural waxes that provide a light hold with medium shine. The paraben-free, humidity-resistant formula is low-tack, for a smooth, clean feel that’s never stiff or sticky. SRP $18.00/4 oz./118 ml.

· TowelDry Gel Styler provides firm hold with medium shine in a no-flake formula that leaves the hair feeling smooth and clean. Root extracts and soy proteins strengthen the hair. SRP/$14.00/118 ml.

· TowelDry Paste Styler features natural waxes that provide extra-firm hold with quick set up and minimal shine. Paraben-free formula provides curl retention and thermal protection. SRP $18.00/2.5 oz./73 ml.

More About TowelDry

The company helps salons’ grow their men’s product and service business through a NEW education program which debuted at Cosmoprof North America and bimonthly promotions in gift packs for every occasion from holiday to back-to-school.

Their attractive packaging makes them simple to merchandise and works as its own shelf talker to help products sell themselves to men and the women in their lives who might be visiting the salon.

“TowelDry offers men what’s been missing: a simple, no fuss, no hype hair care system that delivers professional results quickly and easily,” says Terry Wells, creator of TowelDry.

“Men don’t want to spend a lot of time working on ’their look,’ they just want to look good, so we’ve refined it to offer only the grooming essentials men need and nothing they don’t.”

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