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New Rosacea Tracking App For Smartphones

New Rosacea Tracking App For Smartphones

How To Help Minimize Future Rosacea Flare Ups With Your Smartphone!

Summer = BBQs, Picnics, Soaring Temps, Humidity & Summer = Rosacea Flare Ups

If you have rosacea, you don’t need a calendar to remind you that the summer is a prime source of triggers for rosacea flare ups. From sun exposure to heat and humidity, summer can aggravate your rosacea throughout the day. When you factor in potential triggers such as spicy BBQ ribs, cool glasses of Sangria, even delicious soups like Gazpacho, you have a recipe for a less than enjoyable summer.

But, you don’t have to hide indoors. Now, there’s a way to help minimize your future flare ups and all it takes is your fingertips and a Smartphone. It’s called The Rosacea App and it can help simplify everything from how to handle the great outdoors to how to track the food triggers that may cause a flare up.

The Rosacea App is available free to anyone who has an iPhone, Blackberry or Android Smartphone. It offers daily Weather Alerts for wherever you are through the phone’s GPS. This is important information since rosacea can be affected by factors such as heat and humidity.

The Rosacea App offers a Trigger Tracker into which you can list the foods or beverages that may have caused previous flare ups. It also offers a Substitution Finder that helps you identify food and drinks that may be substituted in place of those causing flare ups.

How cool is that? Your own interactive memory . . . at the tips of your fingers! It’s easy to download The Rosacea App and you will have the latest information, tools and support to help make your daily activity choices easier to manage.

The Rosacea App is available from Intendis, Inc., the makers of Finacea® (azaleic acid) Gel, 15%. Finacea® is approved for the topical treatment of the bumps, pimples and associated redness of mild to moderate rosacea. So be App Happy and have a great summer!!!

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FINACEA is indicated for topical treatment of inflammatory papules and pustules of mild to moderate rosacea. Although some reduction of erythema which was present in patients with papules and pustules of rosacea occurred in clinical studies, efficacy for treatment of erythema in rosacea in the absence of papules and pustules has not been evaluated.


FINACEA is for dermatologic use only, and not for ophthalmic, oral, or intravaginal use. FINACEA is contraindicated in individuals with a history of hypersensitivity to propylene glycol or any other component of the formulation. In clinical trials, sensations of burning/stinging/tingling occurred in 29% of patients, and itching in 11%, regardless of the relationship to therapy. Post-marketing safety - Skin: facial burning and irritation; Eyes: iridocyclitis on accidental exposure to the eye. There have been isolated reports of hypopigmentation after use of azelaic acid. Since azelaic acid has not been well studied in patients with a dark complexion, these patients should be monitored for early signs of hypopigmentation.

Other than FINACEA, Intendis, Inc. (part of the Bayer group) does not promote or endorse any products or recommendations made by third parties. All products and brand names listed are the property and responsibility of their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Please see full Prescribing Information for FINACEA at

FINACEA is a registered trademark of Intendis, Inc.  Intendis is part of the Bayer Group

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Intendis Inc. is an U.S. based affiliate of Intendis GmbH, a fully integrated pharmaceutical company based in Berlin, Germany. As part of the Bayer Group, Intendis is dedicated to Dermatology and focuses on the development and marketing of high quality, innovative topical therapies, targeted to treat skin disorders. Intendis’ objective is to become a leading partner in the field of dermatology. Find out more at

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