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When Your Naturally Curly Hair Can Kill You

When Your Naturally Curly Hair Can Kill You

Bullying is a big problem dominating the news around the world.  Pretty Phoebe Prince's hanging death was directly linked to bullying by a group of students at her school  Phoebe's crime?  The 15-year-old was allegedly targeted by a group known as the 'Mean Girls' after she started dating a popular senior football player at her school.

But bullying is nothing new.  It's been a tragic situation causing pain and suffering to all ages of people for many years.

Bullying Over Natural Curls

Take for example the case of talented drama student Bradley Parkin, 17, who was found hanged in the props room at Lindsey Upper School in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England in February 22, 2000.

The alleged cause of Bradley's suicide?  Vicious bullying over his naturally curly hair.

At an inquest into Parkin's death, the coroner heard that he had been mocked and taunted about his curls and cruelly nicknamed "Noodles".

A fellow student of Parkin's at the inquest said when asked about the attacks directed at his natural curls said "Yes. Noodles. I heard someone call him (Parkin) it. On numerous occasions there were up to 60 pupils at once. It was directed at his hair."

Taunts About Curls

Sadly the talented drama major was starring in the lead role of Grease when his body was found.   A fellow student said "He (Parkin) used to take it (the taunts about his curls) on the chin. He seemed to laugh it off. Obviously people closest to him never used the name but he didn't seem to take it to heart."

Although there was some question whether the hanging was accidental or not it was determined that all evidence pointed to the talented actor deliberately hanging himself with no signs of a struggle or third party involvement.  The Phoebe Prince's hanging death was given as asphyxiation through suspension by the neck.

Bullies Linked To Death Of Prince And Parkin

But they said all the evidence pointed to him deliberately hanging himself and there were no signs of a struggle or third party involvement.

While a group of teens have been formally linked to causing the suicide of Phoebe Prince, no one can prove who may have drove Parkin to hung himself for the taunts about his curly hair.  However, the indications are that his death was linked to bullying over his curls.

How many other people have endured taunts over their natural curls?  There is no other way to summarize this than it is a true tragedy when having naturally curly hair can indirectly kill you.

(Image above courtesy of Barbara L, Lhotan - All Rights Reserved)

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