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How To Hairstyles - How To Curl Human Hair Wigs

How To Hairstyles - How To Curl Human Hair Wigs

If you wish to add curls or related texture to a 100% human hair wig always carefully read any care instructions included with the wig when you purchased it.  Some 100% human hair wigs require special care different from others.

For more tips on how to curl human hair wigs follow the tips below:

1.  Try to determine the origin of the human hair wig

Is it European hair or Asian hair.  This is helpful information since Asian hair tends to be very straight without any natural bend while European hair comes in all textures including naturally curly, wavy and straight.  Asian hair also has a thicker strand diameter.

(Image of 100% Human Hair Wig Lace Front Wig - Carrie by Jon Renau - Courtesy of - All Rights Reserved)

However, if the hair is 100% human from Asian sources it may not hold curls, waves or similar textures as easily.

It's also important to find out if the wig is 100% human hair or if it contains a mixture of hair ranging from 100% human hair mixed in with synethic hair or hair with special fibers designed to hold curls. While some synethic hair can be curled with some times of heat not all blended wigs can be heat styled. 2.  Manufacturer Instructions

Once you determine the origin of the 100% human hair wig and determine that the hair is all human without other types of hair (synthetic, special fibers, etc.,)  check for any manufacturer instructions on how to add curls or texture to the wig.

3.  Heat Tools Which Work

Depending on the origin of the wig some types of hot curling tools will work better than others.  Another challenge may be the length of the hair.   Wigs which are shoulder length of longer may not take or hold a curl as easily as wigs which are very short, short or medium in length.

If you try to add curls to your human hair wigs without desirable results consult with your hairstylist or where you purchased the wig about having layers added which can encourage better curling results.

(Image of 100% Human Hair Wig - Jennifer by Jon Renau - Courtesy of - All Rights Reserved)

4.  Hot Rollers Versus Hot Irons

Over the years hot rollers have decreased in maximum heat potential.  Part of the reason is due to improved designs of electric rollers.  The other issue involves concern for hair consumer injuries such as scalp, skin or related burns.

Whereas hot rollers have decreased in maximum heat potential, hot irons have increased and can not reach excessive heats.  Extreme heat applied to 100% human hair may potentially damage the hair just as it may damage human hair still attached to the head.

(Raquel Welch Blended Wig - Image from - All Rights Reserved)

When using hot irons with maximum heat always use care to avoid damaging the wig while curling it.

5.  Prevent Damage By Prepping Hair Properly

To prevent damaging the wig you may wish to first start with hot rollers (which have less potential heat damage) prepping the hair with a setting spray along with a drop or two of shine serum before rolling the hair.

Whether you use hot rollers, irons or some other method to add curls or texture, it is always best to style the hair on a wig block or wig form.  It creates better results overall.

The combo of setting spray and shine spray will help set the curls without making them look crunching.  When rolling the wig with hot rollers separate hair into 2" sections around the entire wig.  Begin rolling each section of hair from the ends.

Allow the curlers to cool completely.  In fact, the longer you can leave the rollers in the hair the better the curls will set.  If you find that the curls don't form or hold to your satisfaction then try hot rollers as your back-up styling tool.

6.  How To Curl Human Hair Wigs With Hot Rollers

Keeping in mind that hot irons can get much hotter then electric rollers you may only wish to use hot irons if hot rollers don't create the desired texture.  When using a curling or flat iron, opt for hair friendly irons.

Start with a lower heat and if that creates the curls or texture you desire than you can minimize the heat utilized.  If the starting heat doesn't work you can slowly bump up the heat on the irons until you achieve the desired results.

7.  How To Curl Human Hair Wigs With Hot Irons

When curling human hair wigs with hot irons, be sure to use irons which are hair friendly and contain hair protective surfaces like ceramic or similar.

Prep the hair by separating into individual 2" sections.  Create a layered styling cocktail consisting of styling products, shine serum and a heat protectant product.  Apply to individual 2" sections before using the iron on each section.

Using a Flat Iron

Before starting to use an iron on your wig be sure to test a small section of underneath hair to guarantee that the iron is not too hot where it might damage the wig.

When using a flat iron, press the iron into each section by starting at the root.  Run the iron through the section flipping the ends up towards the roots so that the hair is iron into a loose u shaped angle.  As you run the iron through each section you can rotate the iron for form loose spiral curls.  You also have the option to iron so that you create looser spirals or a soft flip.

Once you ironed each section allow it to slightly cool so you don't burn your fingers or wear a heat protectant glove.  Once you can safely handle the newly ironed section roll it around your finger and pin with bobby pins to the scalp to cool and set.  Or if you prefer you can roll the section around a roller.

When your entire wig is curled, set and cool, unpin the curls or curlers and carefully arrange with your fingers.

Using a Curling Iron

Follow the same steps when using a curling iron.  Keep in mind that the smaller the curling iron barrel the tighter the curls which are created.

8.  How To Curl Human Hair Wigs - Other Options

Some 100% human hair wigs can be gently washed, conditioned, towel blotted and then prepped to be set in traditional rollers.  Hair dryers such as blow dryers can also be used, but keep the heat on a low setting and hold the dryer at least a foot away from the wig.   When in doubt consult with manufacturer instructions.  Some companies suggest you only use products designed specifically to wash or style your wig.

Other Wig Styling Tips

Some of the human hair wigs also include synthetic hair which has special high heat fibers which make it easy to curl or straighten.  Depending on the manufacturer the name of the high heat fibers will vary.  When human hair or other wigs are embedded with high heat fibers they can withstand heat up to 300 degrees or higher without becoming matted, tangled, fried or damaged like human hair might become.

When human hair is combined with high heat synthetic fibers they are called blended wigs and are easier to style and maintain than 100% human hair wigs.  Of course these blended wigs may not look as authentic as 100% human hair or they may have other drawbacks.  Only you can decide which type of wig is best for you, your lifestyle and your checkbook.

One drawback to blended wigs is that some of the high heat fibers do take much longer to curl or flat iron than 100% human hair.  When in doubt always consult with the manufacturer, distributor or hair professional you purchased the wigs from.

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