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Constance Zimmer Hair On Love Bites - How To

Constance Zimmer Hair On Love Bites - How To

Constance Zimmer (born October 11, 1970) is an American actress perhaps best known for her role as Dana Gordon in HBO's Entourage and as Claire Simms on the critically acclaimed ABC legal comedy-drama Boston Legal.

The beautiful brunette shows a sassier side in NBC's new comedy anthology drama called "Love Bites" which premiered tonight.

Constance plays one half of a happily married couple living in Venice Beach, California.  Her husband is actor Greg Grunberg who most recently was Detective Matt Parkman on "Heroes".  The Rouschers address real life issues of marriage, but in a humorous way.

The beautiful brunette actress said "I spend a lot of time in my underwear. That's not why I took the show, but it's good because it makes me work out a lot."

The show is the TV version of 'Love, Actually' or a modern version of 70's 'Love, American Style' and is divided into three segments.  Zimmer and Grunberg get 20 minutes of each show with Becki Newton of Ugly Betty getting 20 minutes and the rest of the time is dedicated to guest stars like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Craig Robinson.

The show is not on solid ground.  The pilot was picked up by NBC in early 2010, but it didn't make the fall schedule and even in a year when NBC canceled every one of its new dramas, it never found a place for "Love Bites."

So now it's become a summer series, which is commonly considered a "burnoff" in the TV game.   Let's hope the show makes it because  Zimmer is delightful and looks amazing.

Constance Zimmer Hair How To

Constance wears her hair several inches below her shoulders with a hint of layers around the face.  She has a side swept fringe which cascades from a side swept part.  Her tresses are sleek, shiny and have a slight curve throughout the perimeter.

Follow the steps below to copy:

1.  Cleanse hair in lukewarm water with products compatible with your hair type, texture and condition.  Utilize your favorite washing methodology such as shampoo, diluted shampoo (DS), low poo, no poo, water only (WO), Conditioner (CO) or a combination.

2.  Rinse and apply a rinse out conditioner from bottom of the ears down to the ends.  Detangle with finger or smooth tooth comb from ends up to the roots.  Work slowly and through individual sections.

3.  After detangling rinse well and finish with a cool to cold water rinse.

4.  Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

5.  Apply styling cocktail including leave-in conditioner, defrisant and styling cream or mousse.  Make sure products are distributed well.

6.  Separate fringe and then create hair into  6-8 horizontal sections.

7.  Dry the fringe area first to avoid formation of frizz.  Use a round boar bristle brush and a blow dryer to dry and smooth the fringe.

8.  Working through individual sections use a 100% boar bristle round brush and a blow dryer to dry hair with volume and bend.

9.  Once hair is 100% dry use a 1 1/2" curling iron and work  through 1 1/2 to 2" sections of hair at a time.

10.  After curling each section roll the hair around your fingers into an invisible hair roller and pin against the scalp to allow hair to cool and set.

11.  Once hair is completely set and cool, unpin each section.

12.  Bend over at the waist and gently tousle hair.  Use fingers or a boar bristle brush to finish.

13.  If desired use a curling iron around the perimeter to add additional curls.

14.  Finish with a shine enhancing spray or use 1-2 drops of shine serum massaged into the palms of the hands and smoothed over the top of the strands.

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