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Star Jones Switches Wigs Like Other People Switch Shoes

Celebrity Apprentice contestant Star Jones was on Ellen recently to discuss her very public battle with NeNe Leakes.  On the most recent episode of NBC's reality TV show NeNe attacked Star in front of Farouk, one of the corporate sponsors.  Star discussed in detail with Ellen her thoughts on the episode, NeNe and how she competes on the show.

Star danced with Ellen who noted that the former c0-star of The View was showing a lighter side of herself.  Star agreed and said "they don't let me dance on that show, they just want me to beat up on people.  I don't beat up on people."  Star asked Ellen and the audience if they saw the most recent episode where NeNe attacked her.

Standing In Her Space

Ellen asked Star "what were you thinking when NeNe was going off like that."  She told Ellen that she knew her grandmother would want her to "stand in the space you were raised in and if you start acting ghetto your entire family, every teacher you ever had, your pastor, his wife and their mama will have a big problem with you."  Star said "that was exactly what I was thinking."  She said she was thinking "I need to stay calm because when you're confronted in the wild with an uncaged animal you're supposed to retreat.  You're not supposed to attack."

Ellen replied "well with a bear you're supposed to appear larger."  Star said "if you can tell me how I can get bigger than that I got money for you.  You asked." 

Star said "I came on the show to talk about heart disease."  Star said she came on the show to raise money for her charity.

Switching Wigs

Ellen, I started playing the game (The Celebrity Apprentice) when I left my house.  I play the game with what dress I wear that day.  What color I'm going to put on.  What hair I put on my head.  I switch wigs like other people switch shoes. I mean honestly, I played the game. So I will push your button, I will make you think something different."

She admitted to orchestrating a big moment between LaToya and NeNe so "we could get work done." Star noted that the week before NeNe called LaToya Casper, cussed out Dionne, cussed out me.  I mean the emotions, and she made hand signals, are like this.  They have a word to describe that."

Ultimately Star said she didn't know NeNe before The Celebrity Apprentice and she doesn't hang with her now.

Star also discussed her new book, Satan's Sisters, with Ellen and with tongue in cheek she said she didn't understand why anyone thought it was about her experiences on "The View".

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