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Gatsby Hair Salon On Jerseylicious

Gatsby Salon On Jerseylicious

Gatsby Hair Salon On Jerseylicious

Jerseylicious is the latest in a series of New Jersey based TV shows following the spectacular successes of “The Sopranos”, “Jersey Shore” and  “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”.  Jerseylicious takes place at The Gatsby hair Salon.

Production for season 1 of Jerseylicious, which is defined by Wikipedia as a docusoap/reality TV show began in October 2009.  The series began airing March 13, 2010 at 9:30 p.m. on the Style Network.

While some estimates have the percentage of Italian-Americans residing in New Jersey at 25 percent, it seems they are all  currently being profiled and stereotyped on reality TV.  I grew up in St. Louis where the neighborhood known as The Hill had a high concentration of Italian-Americans and none of them even vaguely resembled the Italian-Americans profiled on the various reality TV shows.

Obviously there is a huge fan base for anything Jersey, Italian-American or hair related. The debut episode of Jerseylicious garnered 300,000 total viewers and posted a 0.42 rating within the women 18-to-34 demographic

The Gatsby Salon Of Green Brook, New Jersey

What's this docusoap all about?  Jerseylicious is about the Gatsby Salon of Green Brook, New Jersey. The hair salon is pretty much like a lot of salons around the United States but with a lot mor drama and some regular docusoap stars.

Tracy Dimarco and Gayle Giacomo

Because the show is set in New Jersey and features Italian American personalities there’s lots of big hair, blow drying, backcombing and drama but if you love hair or the hair salon Gatsby is a salon worthy of notice.

Yes, the show focuses a little bit on hair cuts, color and style but mainly it focuses on the relationships among the staff  of 40.  The staff appears to be quite successful and they seem to really know their business of how to best color, cut and style. They wouldn’t be successful if they didn’t know what they were doing.

Keep in mind that Jerseylicious is a docusoap/reality TV show which takes liberties about the happenings in hair salons, the people who work there and people from New Jersey in general.

Jerseylicious Season One Regulars

Salon owner Gayle Giacomo and her daughter (and salon manager) Christy Pereira are key characters on the show.

Some of the regulars for Season One of Jerseylicious include:

Gayle Giacomo - Owner of The Gatsby Salon in Green Brook Township, New Jersey

Christy Pereira- Manager of The Gatsby Salon. Gayle Giacomo's daughter.

Olivia Blois Sharpe - Makeup artist at Anthony Roberts Salon (part-time) and co-lead makeup artist at The Gatsby Salon, former employee at Glam Fairy. Enemies with Tracy.

Christy On Jerseylicious

Tracy DiMarco - Hairstylist at The Gatsby Salon and former employee at the Glam Fairy. Enemies with Olivia.

Gigi Liscio -Hairstylist at The Gatsby Salon. Dislikes Michelle DeCarlo.

Anthony Lombardi - Owner/Manager of Anthony Roberts Salon in Verona, NJ; Part-time employee at The Gatsby Salon.

Alexa Prisco - Former lead makeup artist at The Gatsby Salon; Owner of The Glam Fairy in Hoboken, New Jersey ; Enemies with Gayle and Christy.

Briella Calafiore - Hairdresser for Glam Fairy. Tracy's friend and Olivia's former-ex best friend.

Filippo Giove - Gatsby intern and assistant.

Frankie Buglione -  Gigi's boyfriend.

Facts About New Jersey Residents

Not everyone in New Jersey is bright orange or constantly tanned.  Not do all of them have gigantic hair, wear super tight clothes or wear garish lipstick.  While the Jerseylicious cast may come across at times as uneducated, New Jersey ranks #6 in percentage of residents (33.3%)  who have completed a bachelor’s degree (33.3%).

Of course New Jersey is the home state of Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, John Travolta, Jon Bon Jovi,  Jack Nicholson, Bruce Willis, Ice-T, Kevin Spacey, Meryl Streep, Danny DeVito, Derek Jeter, the Jonas Brothers, Shaquille O’Neal, Queen Latifah and Kelly Ripa, to name just a few of the celebs born and raised in the beautiful state.

And don't forget that New Jersey was where Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, phonograph and motion picture projector.

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