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Robert Pattinson's Homeless Hairstyle And New Hairdo For Lastest Film Role

Twilight's Robert Pattinson, known by many as RPattz, is almost as famous for his ever changing hairstyles as he is his many acting gigs.

Pattinson will soon be seen in the 1930s drama "Water for Elephants" which is based on Sara Gruen's best-selling novel.

(Image of Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants - All Rights Reserved)

Critics believe that the film allows the actor to really show of his acting chops.  It certainly required him to change his trademark hair into a more appropriate look for the movie.

With every new character he plays, the British born actor assumes a new hairstyle.  Obviously his famous hair styles he rocked in the various Twilight sagas would never do for a more serious film like Elephants.

Fans who love everything about Pattinson also obsess about his hair and have provided a range of names for his various hair styles.  In a recent interview with MTV News the star discussed his various hair looks.  RPattz told MTV "I always like ... the 'Forest" look which refers to his tousled super messy hair he showcased during his 2007 appearance at the film premiere of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix".

Tousled and bedhead are two more polite descriptions of Pattinson's hair for the Order of the Phoenix appearance.

He discussed his "unemployable" strands at the Potter premiere event.  The actor told MTV "I walked down Hollywood Boulevard to Grauman's [Chinese Theater] and had to walk through the crowd and stuff," recalled the 24-year-old star who was not yet famous, adding, "I was so hungover and so bloated, and some of the pictures are just so funny. It literally looks like someone just found a homeless person and just put them on [the red carpet]. ... It was so ridiculous."

Well even if he thought he looked bad, the fans didn't agree.  Nor do they care now.  When asked by MTV what shampoo he uses he said "I use dog shampoo" but in reality he admitted to using "Whatever is around."

Although there have been rumors that Pattinson and Justin Bieber had met and discussed hairdos, the Twilight heartthrob told MTV "I never met this guy!"  But he might try out Bieber's side-swept full fringed hairstyle known simply as "The Bieber"  If not trying the hairstyle Pattinson joked he's wear a "Bieber hat."

Justin Bieber caused a hair mania when he recently cut his trademark hair and then presented it to Ellen to auction off for charity.  The auction was a huge success and a lot of money was raised.  Maybe Ellen needs to arrange a Meet Cute for the two heartthrobs on her talk show and get them both to have haircuts on stage.  Imagine how much money would be raised for a heap of Bieber and RPattz clippings?  It makes my head dizzy thinking about it.

In the meantime, watch for Pattinson's new film "Water for Elephants" and his brand new hairstyle which was required for the unique character he plays in the films.

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