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Savvy recession-istas invest in at-home luxuries during lean times

Savvy recession-instas invest in at-home luxuries during lean times

In the down economy, the need for thriftier beauty and lifestyle options has increased.

Instead of running to the spa for facials and massages, the salon for waxings and nails and the gym for yoga, the at-home treatments, products and tips below offer wallet-friendly alternatives for tighter budgets and stressful lives.

* Bring the spa – and the results – home. emerginC, a trusted, all-natural cosmeceutical collection with an A-list celebrity clientele, offers a full line of medical grade products that deliver spa-quality DIY facials using natural, effective ingredients.

* A massage to relieve stress works just as good at home as it does at the spa, if you use professional massage tools.

Try PerfectSense LavaShells, self-heating Tiger Clam shells that heat up in only five minutes with no electricity and provide up to two hours of constant warmth for a deep, relaxing massage.

* Traditional face lifts are not only expensive, but require a lot of downtime. To get similar results for less money and time, try small, targeted CoolLipo procedures for face, neck, abs, and thighs to tighten without splurging or taking too much time off work – only 1-2 days recovery time is needed. Also, instead of botox and fillers for fine lines and wrinkles, try Relastin Ultra Emollient, which increases skin’s functional elastin fibers while it moisturizes, making it a multi-functioning, cost-effective option.

* No need to pay for a private yoga instructor when you can de-stress your mind and calm your body at home or work with portable techniques. Swamiji’s Yoga in Daily Life stretching and breathing exercises are designed to be learned in steps, so you can do as much or as little as you’d like, wherever you are.

* Staying hydrated is imperative for good health and beauty, but spending all that money (on average $1,000/year per person!) on disposable water bottles is not. Ditch the throwaways in favor of a re-useable bottle with a filter, like the Wellness H2.O water bottle – the bottle filters water and enhances it with magnetite and Japanese volcanic minerals, actually making water more hydrating.

* Waxing, razors, shaving cream, depilatories…these hair removal options can add up to big bucks at the salon and drugstore, and require repeated investments. Over time, laser hair removal, like Sciton’s ClearScan laser for the legs, underarms and bikini line, can offer a more permanent solution and is less expensive in the long run.

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