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Jaycee Badeaux Will Compete On American Idol Again - Is He Justin Bieber Part 2?

Jaycee Badeux won the hearts of many people watching Season 10 of American Idol (AI) which this week announced the top ten contenders.  There were also three wild card picks made by the AI judges for a total of 13 contestants moving forward to the next round.

There were many reasons why Jaycee was so special.   First of all he was just 15 years old, but had the voice of an angel.  He also showed tremendous grace under pressure when fellow contestant Clint Jun Gamboa ejected Jaycee from his group during the first group competitions.

Although the Lafayette, LA student was obviously saddened by first being welcomed into the group and then unexpectedly ejected, he had a great attitude about it and viewed it as all part of the experience.  His mom was with him during the group competition and she showed tremendous pride and support for her son.  Could that have been a Justin Bieberlike moment?

Many AI fans felt Clint was bullying Jaycee but  others felt it was a matter of Clint worrying Jaycee would show him up during the judging.  Ironically Jaycee was welcomed into the group by Brett Lowenstein and went onto to the next round.

Jaycee got eliminated before making it to the final 24 competition.  Jaycee's bestie Brett survived as did Clint Jun Gamboa and went on to compete for a slot in the final 10.

By being eliminated when he was,  Jaycee will be eligible to return for the next AI season.  Brett and Clint, may not be able to come back.  Although the two young men made it into the top 24, neither  received enough votes to continue on into the top ten.  They also were  not invited to compete for a wild card slot by the judges.

Some AI watchers believe Clint Jun Gamboa's behavior towards Jaycee during the group performance round may have doomed him from ever receiving enough audience votes to push him forward since there was such a strong support for the amazing Jaycee.

Regardless of the Clint related drama, Jaycee won Ellen DeGeneres' heart and she had him on her show on March 3rd.  When Ellen introduced Jaycee she said "our next guest may not have made it to the top 24 on Idol, but that didn't stop millions from falling in love with him."  She then showed Jaycee's AI audition tape.  Jennifer Lopez told Jaycee "you are so sweet and sooooooo cute."  Randy Jackson and Stephen Tyler also loved Jaycee's initial performance.

When Jaycee appeared on stage he received a standing ovation and huge applause. He was wearing his hair in a Justin Bieber swooped bang and he is adorably cute.

Ellen told him about his on-air elimination "I will say to you, I just couldn't believe it.  First of all to be down to the final 3.  And they (AI producers) knew that was good TV because people loved you.  And I think that was heartbreaking to see your journey all the way.  That night that group was formed and you got kicked out of your group and I think so many people cried watching that.  That must have been...I mean your 15 years old. That must have been really hard on you to have that kind of rejection?"

Jaycee said "said it was kinda hard, you know, just being kicked out of the group like that.  It was kinda hard.  But just like my mom said on the show, you just gotta have fun with it and keep going."

Ellen said "yeah and you did.  And it didn't stop you because you have a beautiful voice, you're talented and you find the right group to go into  And how were you sitting there?  Were you prepared for it not to be you?  How did you feel sitting there?"

Jaycee told Ellen "well of course you have to be prepared for everything, you know.  You have to be prepared for the unknown.  But it was a shock, of course.  Cause you don't want to be going home.  And you know."

Ellen said "and you're 15 so you can go back again.  Do you think you'll go back next year?"  Jaycee who seemed a little overwhelmed by all the love said "oh yeah, definitely."  Ellen said "good, good."  The audience roared with applause.  Ellen said "and you're just going to get better and better. You have a long time to have a career."  The soft spoken Jaycee agreed.   Before going to sing another goose bump generating song he thanked Ellen for her kind words.

Bravo to Jaycee.  He could one day be another Justin Bieber.  Keep your eyes on this one.

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