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E's Hair Battle On Countdown To 2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet

E's Ross Matthews and special correspondent Holly Madison co-hosted a Hair Battle segment on the Countdown To The Red Carpet Show.

Matthews said "and now a moment I've personally been waiting for all day, we know perfect hair is the finishing touch to any Red Carpet."

(Image of Nicki Minaji at 2011 Grammy Awards - Hair by Terrence Davidson - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Ross Matthews and Holly Madison designed to stage their very own Hair Battle with Celebrity Hairstylist Derek J from Hair Battle Spectacular and with Terrence Davidson who is a celebrity hairstylist and wig master.  Davidson is the man behind Nicki Minija's spectacular hairstyles and designed her famous Grammy 2011 wig.  Ross said he loved Niki's look and Madison said "it was the Bride of Frankenstein but with reverse colors."

Two brunette hair models were presented as part of the challenge.  The challenge?  As Ross put it "at this year's Golden Globe Awards Sandra Bullock had the right dress with the wrong hair."  Indeed a lot of people were horrified by her full frontal bangs and choppy long jagged straight strands.

Ross explained that the two celebrity stylists literally had a commercial break to transform their models, who had similar brunette hair to Sandra Bullock's Golden Globes look, from a Hair Don't into a Hair Do.  Ross said it would make Sandra's original look work.  He also admitted that the two stylists didn't have a lot of time to do their magic transformation.

Both of the stylists agreed they could do the challenge during a commercial break and they actually did an amazing job.  They literally had about two minutes to makeover Sandra Bullock's don't flawed hair style to a do style.

Derek J explained what he did to his model.  He said "basically the dress was very romantic so I pulled it back, left her full bangs there, and I took a braid and detailed it pulling it around the bun (in back near the nape of the neck).  Just get it pulled off her face."

Ross asked "is that cheating, using a little fake hair?"  Derek J said "no, I never cheated." Ross said "I like what a make0ver can do.  I'm a sucker for a makeover."  The model turned her head and her updo was gorgeous with the braid wrapped around it in a slightly different hue. Derek said "yes, I love updos."

Madison interviewed Terrence on what he did.  He started by teasing about Ross saying "its a hair battle and we're head to head."

Terrence explained his model hair make-over.  He said I did "almost the same (as Derek) and took the hair off the face so you can actually see the gown.  Pulled the hair back, added a (hair) piece."  He said "you don't cheat when you add weaves because you're making the look better."  Ross said "I know."

The look that Terrence created had the full bangs, a few fringe pieces handing around the face and then a bun with hair pulled out through the bottom of the bun for a full bottom fringe.  Madison said "it's very futuristic almost like a Queen Amadala from Star Wars."

Terrence's finished bun had a much fuller and rounded look to it and it was nestled from the center of the head down to the nape with a long section of hair flowing out from underneath.  Ross pointed out how original the look was.  Very unique indeed.

Neither Ross or Holly could pick which celebrity stylist should win the Hair Battle.  They asked the audience to pick but it seemed very close.  Ross said that since both looks were so amazing - one was futuristic and one was romantic - they couldn't pick.

Instead, they gave them two new models and a lot more time giving them the freedom to cut, color or do whatever.

Results Of Second Hair Battle

The second Hair Battle Makeovers?  They were very much over the top.

Derek J did a spectacular and dramatic makeover where he extended the hair down into the outfit.  They were literally linked together by color and texture.  Derek gave his original short haired model some "nice big porno hair."   Holly said "can I touch it?  It's almost like cave woman."  It definitely had lots of volume and texture and wild light and dark colors.  Derek said the model's hair was very short before and so they added hair pieces, did some braiding and did some color to give it a high volume and regal look.

Terrence created a look that Holly Madison described as look like an apple with a green snake from the Garden of Edan.  His inspirations?  The movies and Poison Ivy and Batman.  He said he thought about black and green, pretty roses and red hair.  His only regret?  He didn't do the dress too like Derek J did.  Terrence created an amazing look with actual bright green versions of snakes curled around in the hair.

Ross pointed out it was crazy because the hair stylists did the amazing looks in 20 minutes.  Neither Ross nor Holly could decide who should win.  Ross decided it was a tie and that no one should win.  So they both won the Hair Battle.  Ross said they brought their A team.  Holly said that both looks were so different and so amazing.

Bottom line both of the celebrity stylists won the competition for their stunning hair makeover results.

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