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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunite On Ellen Except For Kim Richards

All of the famous Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHBH) appeared on Ellen Degeneres' popular talk show except for troubled blonde Kim Richards who is Kyle Richards' sister and Paris Hilton's aunt.

Why did Kim Richards skip the reunion show on Ellen?   The troubled former child star  reportedly checked into a rehab facility for treatment of alcoholism following the taping of the  RHBH season finale.

(Image of Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong, Kim Richards and Lisa - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Pictures and video were released this week showing an obviously inebriated Kim being escorted out of a San Francisco airport.  RadarOnline reported that Kim was humiliated by being caughtinebriated which is the reason supposedly she was absent from Ellen's show.

It has also been reported that the long tressed beautiful blonde will most likely not return for the second season of the wildly popular reality TV show which appears on Bravo.

In a recent appearance on Ellen blonde Camille Grammer already revealed that she is unsure whether she will return to the show due to her constant on-camera friction with Kyle Richards and her ongoing messy divorce from Kelsey Grammer.  Camille discussed more about her famous husband and their pending divorce on the reunion show.

Kyle also appeared on Ellen after Camille, and did not say whether Camille would return or not.  In fact, Kyle said at that point the show had not even been picked up yet for a second season.


Blonde Tayor Armstrong, famous for her lip implants and who feuded with Kim throughout the first season, showed her support for the mother of four.  'I wish the best for Kim, I do want to say that,' she said.  "And we get along more one-on-one. Put us in a group and it turns into some odd dynamic with our personalities and we just start to clash. But when we're alone, we're actually really good together."

(Image of Kim Richards, Lisa and Kyle Richards in New York City - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Although Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer's ongoing cat fights took center stage in most of the episodes, there was a lot of background drama with Kim's behavior.

If you watched the entire season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHBH) you might have noticed that Kim Richards displayed several tale tell signs of substance abuse problems.  She appeared to often be in a state of emotional turmoil and expressed a lot of internal angst tied to the death of her mother, her many divorces, loneliness and self esteem issues.  It's not surprising that Kim is dealing with a substance abuse challenges.

Adrienne, who appears to be the calming force of the group of housewives, often bickers with her plastic surgeon husband but explained their relationship is full of fun and they are happy.  During her time on Ellen's show she discussed some of the details around her husband calling 911 on behalf of Charlie Sheen.

If there's a second season it will be interesting to see which of the Beverly Hills Housewives show up.  If the a second season is anything like the first it will be a real nail biter.

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