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Green Bay Packers' A.J. Hawk Not Going To Cut Long Hair Anytime Soon

When you live in Dallas, Texas you almost certainly grow up with a love of football.  Yes, it's true the love tends to be tied to the Dallas Cowboys, college or Texas high school football.  But in general, it's a true and undying love of football.

When I first moved to Dallas in 1984 I was stunned to discover that a group of business women having lunch talked football.  Even though I grew up in St. Louis where football wasn't as popular, I knew after that women's lunch I had to get with the program.

Inside The NFL On Showtime

As a result, I became a fan of football.  Which explains why last night I was watching Inside The NFL on Showtime.  I love the hilarious, but informative banter, between Chris Collingsworth, Warren Sapp (my own personal favorite) Phil Simms and host James Brown.

Since the Green Bay Packers are meeting the Pittsburgh Steelers in the upcoming SuperBowl XLV, I was curious to see what the football experts had to say about each team.  A short interview with GB Packer's star Middle Linebacker (ML), A.J. Hawk, was telecast towards the end of the show.

Teeny Weeny Afros

Inside The NFL's host, James Brown, teased A.J. Hawk about his trademark long hair.  Brown made reference to his own very show "teeny, weeny, Afro" known as a TWA in the hair world.  After chuckling about his own very short locks Brown asked A.J. whether they had "any barbers up there in Green Bay?"

Hawk seemed to enjoy the question in reference to his own long locks and those of several of his Green Bay teammates.  A.J. told Brown  the reason for all the long hair on himself and several of the other Green Bay Packers is because long hair on men "is more accepted now in general (in society) and in our business (football)."

He said "it seems like every year the guys with long hair get more and more (prevalent in football)."  Why?  A.J. said "you can kinda do what you want (with your hair) in our business (pro football)."

A. J. Hawks Not Planning On Cutting His Long Hair

The Superbowl bound Middle Linebacker with the long flowing locks told Host Brown "I don't plan on cutting mine (hair) any time soon."

Probably a good strategy since Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews just agreed to a hair sponsorship deal with Suave hair products joining Pittsburgh Steelers safety Roy Polamalu who has a longstanding deal with Head & Shoulders.  Could A.J. Hawk be the next to join the Hair Bowl in the professional football league?

I love it when a football show like Inside The NFL makes fleeting references to other details about the sport not specifically linked to game strategy or player's actions.  Yes, the references to hair may be limited, but they're interesting and provide a human side to the experience.  I also love to see all the long flowing tresses of the football players under their helmets.  Yes, I know, I just love hair, but it makes for a great human interest blog.

SuperBowl XLV Near Dallas - Good Time Will Be Had By All

Since the Superbowl is being held near Dallas for 2011 people are asking me whether I am pulling for Green Bay or the Pittsburgh Steelers.  That's truly a hard question.  Since the Vince Lombardi days I have always had a lasting respect for the Packers, but have always been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan (as I recently told my longtime friend Chris Canali) since the days of Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swan.  Of course not when either team beats the Cowboys, but in general.

Regardless of my own inability to pick a side, I can promise all the Superbowl fans, professional players, sportscasters and media visitors to the Dallas area for the event will have a great time.  This town knows how to roll out the Red Carpet, party and love football.  A good time should be had by all.

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