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Glee's Chris Colfer Felt Guilty Eric Stonestreet Didn't Win Golden Globe

Guiliana Rancic had one of the best seats in the house at the recent Golden Globes After Party scene.  E! had their very own party where winners were invited in for a special cocktail and an intimate chat fest with the lovely hostess.

Glee's Chris Colfer stopped by to see Guiliana after his heart stopping win and told Guiliana he was "very shocked" to have received the Globe.

Feeling Guilty About Eric Stonestreet

Although The Glee star said winning "feels amazing" he also said "I feel a little guilty.  I really was not expecting this at all."

Why did Colfer feel quilty about his GG win?  He told Guiliana "because the other actors in the category were just amazing and I mean Eric Stonestreet makes me laugh every single week, out loud.  And you know, I still think he deserves this more than me for sure."

Colfer explained that he called Ryan (Murphy) "his fairy godfather" although he confirmed "I can't remember what I said.  Guilana assured the spectacular performer that his acceptance speech was "a pretty incredible moment, it was really beautiful."

Ryan Murphy - Chris Colfer's Fairy Godfather

Why does Colfer think of Ryan as his fairy godfather?  He explained because he took a chance with him because "I was pretty much a high school kid hoping I would land like a guest spot on something here and there when I was auditioning and they wrote a role for me on the show, so.  It's been an incredible experience."

Guiliana showed Colfer a replay of his winning moment and asked him what he was thinking as he stood up from the table to go up on stage and receive his award.  He said he was thinking "what did I eat, what am I hallucinating on is what is going on.  And I just totally dished a bunch of people right there (while walking to the stage). "

He said as he walked closer to the stage he was thinking "don't trip, don't trip, don't trip, don't know what my name is, don't trip, don't trip."

Guiliana asked him if he spotted any really famous faces in the crowd as he approached the stage and he said "no, I was just looking down.  I couldn't, no.  I wasn't looking up.  I didn't want to fall."

Friendship With Lea Michelle

Pointing out that Glee actress "Lea Michelle was crying when she was watching, she was like balling crying" while Chris was on stage she asked if he saw that.  He said he didn't.  Noting how sweet it was that Lea was crying, Guiliana asked if the two of them have "a good relationship."  Colfer said "we do, we're fantastic friends.  We go to movies and shows and stuff together all the time."

When Guiliana pointed out Colfer is only "twenty years old" he said "I know, it's insane."  The E After Party hostess asked if Chris could celebrate with a glass of champagne he said "well not legally, but maybe they'll let me off with a warning tonight. Hopefully, fingers crossed."  Guiliana advised "when they ask for your license just show them your Globe."  Colfer laughed and held his Globe up.

Gwyneth Paltrow Returns To Glee

Colfer shared a few secrets about upcoming events on Glee.  He said "I'm most excited about" Gwyneth Paltrow returning for a few more episodes.  He also shared "the Superbowl episode is crazy.  I can't believe no one died filming it because it's insane."  Why was it so crazy and dangerous?  Colfer said "lots of props and dangerous stuff and fire.  Yeah, it's great."

Colfer said that now that he's won a Globe "I can die now, definitely".  He said he might "sleep with it (his Globe) for the first week, make sure it's real.  Usually when I win one, I wake up."  He was alluding to the fact that he's won Golden Globes in his dreams but always wakes up to find out it was just a dream.  No more.  The Globe is real for the young and wildly talented Glee star.

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