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Soccer, Hair And Grooming Star David Beckham Is Keen To Play For Spurs

British Soccer Star David Beckham is a hair, grooming and fashion god.    He is constantly changing his hairstyles ranging from tight buzz cuts to long hair.  Becks, as he is fondly called, has even changed his hair color and how much facial hair he wears.

Fans have overwhelmingly voted his faux hawk hairstyle as his best hair look in the history of his various hairstyles.   The famous athlete and sometimes model for a wide range of male fashion and grooming lines.

Becks is often in the news, but  is currently causing a media storm because of the current news that the husband of Posh is keen to leave the Los Angeles Galaxy temporarily for a new club. 

The word is that if the Los Angeles Galaxy is willing to release Beckham on a loan deal he is keen to join the Spurs.  But why would a wealthy and famous celebrity like Beckham who lives in warm LA and who can get any hair, fashion or grooming promo deal with the snap of his fingers want to go back and play in the freezing cold in Europe?

Beckham's manager, Harry Redknapp has told the media the 35-year-old perfectly coiffed sports star also has the interest of Premier Leaque clubs Tottenham, Newcastle and Blackburn.

Beckham wants to go plan soccer in Europe because quite simply he loves the sport and wants to prove that he is not an overrated player that turns every appearance into a media circus.

The Major League Soccer season is due to resume play on March 15th and a short-term loan deal could mean Beckham could possibly play up to 11 games in a short interim deal.  The LA team, if they loan Beckham, would only do it until the start of the MLS season.  David would then return and play a full season with the Galaxy.

Why is Beckham interested in being loaned out?  Quite simply "the loan is part of David's desire to keep fit and make himself available for England again." 

Former England captain Beckham had short-team spells on loan at Italian club AC Milan in 2009 and 2010, with the moves designed to improve his chances of being picked to play for his country.  And England manager Fabio Capello, who last fielded Beckham in the 3-0 win over Belarus in October 2009, has recently urged the midfielder to return to Europe to prove his fitness.

With the January transfer window now open, Blackburn boss Steve Kean said on Monday that Rovers would be interested in Beckham while Newcastle boss Alan Pardew indicated the same on Sunday, though he has since admitted the move is unlikely. 

Why does he have to prove his fitness for the game?  Some critics say the famous Brit footballer has been one of the most over-rated players in the game for a long time. The same critics say he's a media circus and when he joins a team it's not about the club he's playing for but totally about Beckham and whatever celebrity advertising deal he works out.

Beckham fans point out he's a fantastic guy and role model for the sport and he conducts himself with great honor when he plays.  Although it's true he's a huge media pull he has also brought a lot of attention, especially in the United States, to a sport which had low visibility in some countries.  He is also considered a great influence on younger players.

A move to Spurs would mean Beckham could face his first club - Manchester United - at White Hart Lane on 16 January while he could also line up against another former club, AC Milan, who play Tottenham home and away in the Champions League last 16.  Those fixtures all come before the LA Galaxy's first match of the MLS season against Seattle Sounders.

Beckham denied any interest in a move to West Ham in July and rejected the chance to be reunited with former England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson at Leicester in December.   He recently told BBC Sport there was an outside chance of appearing for a different English club to United, and that he hoped to continue playing for two or three more years.

"I want to continue to play, I have no interest in stopping," he said. "It might surprise people [now I am 35] but I'm still loving the game and still enjoying it as much as when I was 25. 

"I played in the Premiership for so many years with the club I always adored, and will always adore. I always said that I would never play for another English club in the future - but you never know.  "I would hope I carry on playing for another two or three years. I've got a year left in America and then possibly another two after that. My body feels good at the moment."

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