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Making Loose Spiral Curls Tighter?

Is there a secret to making loose spiral curls tighter?  Indeed, there are a range of products and styling tools which can help.

If you'd  like to have tighter, more defined curls consider the following options:

The Pin Curl Option

Experiment with spot pin curls to help tighten natural spiral curls and help unruly curls to blend in with natural curls.  You may or may not wish to experiment creating pin curls throughout entire head since tight pin curls can result in a major curly style.

If you wish to try pin curls follow the steps below:

1.  Separate damp tresses into 1-2" sections

2.  Wind each section into a traditional pin curl

3.  Secure with bobby pins in an X shape

4.  Continue creating pin curls until desired areas are pinned

5.  Sleep on pin curls overnight

6.  Remove bobby pins

7.  Use fingers to deconstruct and arrange new curls into spirals

8.  For more tighter or more defined spirals use curling iron throughout to create uniform spiral curl patterns

Finger Twisting

Wrap individual sections of curls around fingers until they almost slide off.  Pin against scalp and allow curls to air dry into tighter spirals.

Taylor Swift's Spiral Hair Secrets

Singer Taylor Swift recommends a similar finger twisting method.  She told InStyle Magazine (December 2009) "spiral curls come easier if you have naturally curly hair" but if you really want a nice "spiral curl" take a piece of your hair and wrap it around your finger going towards the back of your head."


Use a long finger diffuser attached to a blow dryer in conjunction with curl tightening gels, creams or similar products.  Separate damp or newly cleansed hair into individual sections and allow strands to lay in the cup of the diffuser bowl.

For even tighter spirals, go through the diffused strands with a curling iron.

Hot Or Cold Curling Tools

Depending on the amount of time you have to work on your spiral curls you can use a variety of options ranging from hot rollers to old fashioned rag rollers.

Keep in mind that the smaller the section of hair and the smaller the roller, the tighter the curl.  Remember to always roll hair in a top-down spiral pattern for a spiral result.  Avoid rolling directly at the roots to allow hair to cascade properly.

Consider the following curling tool options:

1.  Hot rollers

2.  Curling iron

3.  Old fashioned rag rollers or commercial brand rag rollers

4.  Spiral curlers

5.  bobby pins

6.  A variety of traditional hair rollers ranging from foam to self adhesive

Styling Products

If you talk to ten people they might all suggest ten different styling products which help to create and hold texture in their hair.

The best products depend on a variety of factors ranging on natural texture (straight, wavy, curly, kinky), type (fine/thin, medium, thick, very thick) to current condition.  Hair which is damaged may not hold curls as well as hair which is healthy and well maintained.

Generally speaking the best types of products for helping to create and hold texture include gel waxes, curl enhancing balmscurl enhancing balms and styling creams or similar formulations.  For some types of hair mousse will help to amp up texture, but it may not be as effective at creating a tight spiral or ringlet pattern. For others a mousse/wax will work best.

The best way to determine the product that is right for you is to experiment with different formulas when you apply your styling cocktail to damp or newly cleansed hair.  For some people gel is magical and for others, not so much.  Not to mention the fact there are a myriad of gels on the market.


Sometimes the best way to tighten up natural spirals or ringlets is through a combination of methods.  If you already have a method that helps you create your ideal curls start there and play with adding additional techniques until you have the spirals of your dreams.

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