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Mike "The Situation" Has Postive Upbeat Outlook On Life

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, 28, known as Stich or The Sitch to many, appeared as a guest on The Ellen Degeneres show on Monday, October 11th.

(Image of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Karina Smirnoff - DWTS - - All Rights Reserved)

His dance partner Karina Smirnoff joined him later in the show to dance on the show. Little did Mike or Karina know that the very next night would be their last as partners on ABC's Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).

The Situation Believes In Positive Energy And Thinking

During their opening chat Ellen told Stich, who was perfectly coiffed, that he was "fantastic." She noted "you're always in a positive mood. Do you ever get down? You always seem so up." The Jersey Shore star said "I really believe in positive energy and positive thinking and dreams...and all that type of stuff."

When asked if he was enjoying DWTS he said "you know what? It's actually a priviledge to learn how to really dance. I'll be honest, I'm not really the best dancer but you know what, I do try and I'm improving every week. And I love so much just being on stage and the camera and just performing. I realized that this is something that I love."

Ellen pointed out "I noticed you're not showing the abs. Don't you think that would be advantageous?" Mike said "every week we're sort of taking clothes off, week by week. Everybody knows I've got abs but I wanted to show people a America a different side (of himself) because what you see on Jersey is just a keyhole of the person I really am. On Dancing With The Stars you really see the full spectrum of who I really am. The whole Situation."

Off-screen Romance For The Sitch And Karina?

Ellen teased The Sitch and asked if his famous charm and flirting behaviors had kicked in with Karina. He laughed and said he really "wanted to get down the steps" for the dances and if he was flirting with Karina it would interfere with his ability to learn the routines for the show. And then "I'd be eliminated and then that would be harming both of us". He said "I figured I get down the steps first and then after a couple of rounds...then...charm her."

The Sitch Was Upset About His DWTS Elimination

Karina revealed to Us Magazine that Sorrentino was “upset” about his elimination from the ABC show. Smirnoff said that he was sad about his early exit. The professional dancer told Us 'I had so much fun on this season (with him). I think his time was cut a little short, I think he had a couple more weeks in him – we're going to take it with a grain of salt.'

The Jersey Shore hunk was upset about what the judges had to say about his last performance. He stormed off the DWTS stage after he was criticised by the judges, but Smirnoff explained his reaction was triggered by their lack of appreciation for his efforts. She said: 'I promised him the judges were going to appreciate the hard lifts that he did because they were incredibly difficult. “I really thought the judges would appreciate that more.'

Obviously the fans agreed with the DWTS judges because the team did not receive enough fan votes to save them from ultimate elimination. While the judges have lots of pull in the elimination round, the fans can save low scoring couples by calling and texting.

A Public Romance Now That Couple Are Eliminated?

Karina told Ellen when she first discovered Stich was her partner for the current DWTS season she "freaked out." She said she freaked out and said "what am I gonna do. He's known for his Situation and his waist and I thought 'I'm gonna have my hands full' but then I met Mike and I was very surprised. Pleasantly surprised."

Why was Karina surprised by Sitch? As Ellen pointed out "he's a nice guy." Karina agreed and said "he's sweet, he's respectful, he's not hitting on me every single minute, it's been very interesting."

Ellen asked Karina how often The Situation has hit on her. Karina laughed and said "there's been a few (times). I have to be honest". The Situation agreed "we have very good practices.." Karina "we do, we have a good time together. We actually laugh, we have fun, we have little fights sometimes."

The couple agreed that they have "good chemistry" together and Karina summed it up "it's never boring."

Will the DWTS dance team come out as publicly as a romance now that they are off the show? Anything's possible. The Stich who compares himself to a Ferrari because "I kinda drive at high speeds, I kinda look good but sometimes its a little pricey."

But will Karina think an off-screen romance with The Situation is too pricey for her? Only time will tell.

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