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Ben Affleck Gets To Be Wrong Three Times A Day

A very buff  Ben Affleck was recently a guest on Ellen Degeneres' show to promote his latest film The Town which he wrote, directed and starred in.  It is billed as a high drama thriller.  Ellen started her interview with Ben by pointing out "it's been four years since you've been here."

(Image of Ben Affleck from The Town - Warner Brothers - All Rights Reserved)

Ben teased her back "and I've been calling you and writing you and hear nothing...sooo."  Ellen said "it's a shame I didn't get those messages or you would be here every single day."

The Town

Ellen raved about Ben's new movie "I can't tell you how much I love the film. I couldn't stop talking about it, everything about it.  It's a great story."  Ben explained it's not "so scary. If you don't like scary movies.  It's not like a Saw or anything scary like that.  They're bank robbers.  It's a classic bank robber story."  He said "there's also a character story and it's also a love story." Ben noted a "very attractive Jon Hamm" is in the film as well.

Ellen said "You're an amazing director."  She mused "it must be hard to direct yourself."  Ben said when you direct yourself one takes time away from other things and "I've done a lot of filming of myself and directed myself in the editing room later."

Ben said it took about one year of prep to get ready for the film.  He said "I didn't want to do a movie about guys robbing banks" without understanding about them.   Ben did a lot of research for The Town and actually went and interviewed incarcerated bank robbers about their experiences.

(Image of Jon Hamm from The Town - Warner Brothers - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen also pointed out that Ben is "in amazing shape in this movie" and showed a photo from the film of an incredibly fit Ben Affleck working out in the film.  Ben teased "that's what they call a lightening trick" but confessed that in reality he "worked out for a year straight.  It was really really hard and it was rewarding." He decided he really had to "get it together" so he wouldn't be "a fraud" in the movie.

Three Women In The House

He shared that with his wife Jennifer Garner and his two little daughters (aged 4 and 1) there are now "three women in the house."  He said "my wife doesn't talk about her" referring to her age.

When Ellen asked how that was he said with three women in the house he "gets to be wrong three times a day."  He continued "True.  I get a lot of. I just know what it's like to be a surf who does thing.  When one of the vassels comes up points at something.  I take orders from animals and people that can not speak.  And it's still somehow they're higher up on the food chain than I am.  I don't know how that happens."

Ben Is Madly In Love With His Two Little Girls

Ben said about his two little girls "I'm madly in love.  I have the best family." When Ellen pointed out that Ben seems to be in a really good place in his life he agreed and noted  "I could not be luckily.  True."

Ben Affleck Is At A Place That's Really Wonderful

He continued "I really have come right to the place that I was supposed to be at which I wish could stop now so I could be really happy.  Just right here.  Because I hate to say something like that because you've got to knock wood because.  You know I've gone around and taken some rights and lefts (with my life) and found myself at a place that's really wonderful that I'm really grateful for."

Winning Oscar For Good Will Hunting 12 Years Ago

Ellen said "you started out like 12 years ago winning an Oscar for writing Good Will Hunting which was an incredible movie"  Ellen showed a photo of Ben and Matt Damon with their Oscar awards.  Ellen said "you look like babies."

Ben said "I saw Matt the other night and we looked at each other and realized, I think together, that we didn't still look like that."  Ben said "I was 24" when I won that Oscar.

Ben's Advice For His Younger Self

Ellen asked "if you could say something to your younger self, what advice would you give that kid starting out in this business?"  Ben "Gosh, there is so much advice I would give.  So many things, I would bore the hell out of that kid with talking and he would run away every time he saw me coming.  But I think the actual truth is that I wouldn't say anything.  Because I would be afraid somehow to not end up squarely where I am.   The arc of life is funny sometimes.  And we go all over the place.  Hopefully if you're lucky you get where you need to go."  Ellen said "like the book The Alchemist."

Mom Advice In His House

Ben said "it's like where I got to where I am and I say to my daughter (Violet)I want you to take you plate off and empty it in the trash and then put it away and she says 'I don't have to listen to you. you're not the mom.'  Apparently only the mom has to be listened to.  Ben told the audience "congratulations, somehow you worked it, so you have it."

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