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Jaden Smith Hangs With Justin Bieber After Summer Of Box Office Gold

Jaden Smith Hangs With Justin Bieber After Summer Of Box Office Gold

Justin Bieber recently sent some Twitter love to his "lil bro, Jaden Smith" for his help with the Bieb's concert.  But Justin and Jaden are friends who also hang out in real life.

As the story goes, the two Js, Justin and Jaden, were recently hanging out and dancing at a bowling alley when they decided to do a dance off.

(Image of Jaden Smith - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Both of the young heartthrobs were cutting up the bowling alley with their moves until Justin pulled out his secret Moonwalking ala the late Michael Jackson.

Supposedly the dance off was caught on film by the Bieb's crew but no one has yet to see the results.  As the word goes, the Bieb won out in the dance contest against the rapping Jaden due to his fab Moonwalking moves.

Not only is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith (born July 8, 1998) the famous son of an equally famous movie star couple - Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith - he has his own box office success under his belt.  Jaden's 2010 film, the remake of The Karate Kid, was deemed one of the winners for the Summer movie going season.  

Generating $176 million is no small feat for a reality newcomer to the movie biz.  The word on Jaden's acting in Kid was that he is loaded with charisma and screen presence, just like his dad.  If Jaden charts his career the same way as dad, he will be box office gold for a long time to come.

Jaden is not only a very successful American child actor her is also a rap artist and budding dancer.  His breakthrough role as Christopher in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness put him on the map.  He played the son of Will Smith's character, Chris Garner.  The film was based on a true story.

Best Breakthrough Performance at 2007 MTV Movie Awards

For his role, Smith won the award for the Best Breakthrough Performance at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. At the 79th Academy Awards, Smith presented the awards for the Best Animated Short and the Best Live Action Short, along with acting nominee Abigail Breslin.

Jaden next appeared in the 2008 Keanu Reeves remake of the 1951 classic sci-fi movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, starring as Jacob.  In 2010 Jaden rapped alongside Canadian singer Justin Bieber in the song "Never Say Never".

Jaden is a very charming young man of African-American, West Indian, Creole, and Portuguese Jewish ancestry.  He was born in Malibu, California along with his younger sister Willow.  He is the half-brother of Trey Smith.  The Smith children were home schooled which allowed for them to travel with their famous parents onto movie sets as well as pursue their own careers.  Willow is also a performer.

Jaden and Willow  are youth ambassadors for Project Zambia in conjunction with the Hasbro corporation-which helps children orphaned by AIDS in Africa.

Jaden On Ellen Degeneres

Jaden who appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show to promote the Karate Kid film said he did a lot of his own stunts on the movie.  He also has said he practices Tae Kwon Do.

Ellen and Jaden, wearing impressive cornrow braids did a stunt on her show where she challenged him to the fact he did his own stunts.  As a result, Jaden kicked apart a box on Ellen's stage.

As a result of Ellen's taunting Jaden performed a ton of kicks and moves right on the stage including a perfect leg split.   After showing off his Karate Kid moves Jaded did some amazing dance moves to a rap song.  Ellen's audience loved it.

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