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Beverly D'Angelo Has Hit A Sweet Spot With Her Life And Career

Beverly D'Angelo (15 November 1951, Columbus, Ohio) has hit that sweet spot in her acting career where she gets to play some amazing roles while still showcasing that amazing head of thick blonde beautiful hair.

For Entourage fans she is known as the outspoken Barbara Miller (since 2004), the key partner and voice of reason to Ari Gold's (Jeremy Piven) raving lunatic Hollywood agency.  Beverly as Barbara goes toe to toe with Ari and usually wins.  Ari gives Barbara lip like everyone else but she manages to hold her own against the Type A Agent.

Beverly is still attached to the HBO Entourage franchise  and will continue to part of the show for the future.

Cougar Town

Beverly D' Angelo also guest starred in Season One of ABC's hit series, Cougar Town, as Sheila Keller, the butt-inski mom of Laurie Keller played by the bubbly blonde Busy Philipps.

Besides being in demand for both cable and regular TV series, Beverly is still offered juicy roles in films.  The actress who comes from a showbiz family won the hearts of fans everywhere as Chevy Chase's beleaguered wife in the comedy spoof Vacation (1983) and its three sequels.

Promoting Her Cougar Performance

Beverly who is very outspoken and hilarious off-screen, appeared on the now defunct Bonnie Hunt show to promote her past performance on Cougar.  During her appearance Bonnie showed a clip of Beverly signing with Wayne Newton on one of the Vacation films.  Beverly, who is as renowned for her vocal talent as her acting talent was shocked by her past appearance.

Transformation Of Body As A Result Of Having Twins

Nine years ago Beverly had twins (a son and a daughter) with actor Al Pacino.  She told Bonnie "after watching that clip, my god, you know, if I would have known what was going to happen to me after I gave birth to twins, I would have had a mandatory, gratuitous nudity clause in every film I did."

Why?  It forces you to get into shape after having the babies plus it showcases the body before the wreckage of the pregnancy.  Beverly noted "I gave birth six weeks after I turned 49" which she said was "Olympian" as an event.

Signing On With Vacation Franchise

When asked about the Vacation movies and whether it was a lot of fun Beverly said "I took it very seriously.  I was the very serious one, Chevy would be off playing poker and I was just terrorizing the director (with her comments) one after another.  And Chevy would come on and do the scene and then say 'deal em' and walk off and go play poker again."

How did Beverly get cast on the Vacation movies?  The Ohio native said "after I did Coal Miner's Daughter (Beverly wowed as the one-and-only Patsy Cline in the acclaimed biopic 1980 film) everyone in town (Hollywood) thought I was a 35 year old woman from the South. So those were the only roles I was getting offered."

Marriage To An Italian Duke

She said "and I was married to The Duke (Lorenzo Salviati, an economics student who also was an Italian duke).  He was my first husband and my only husband, but I have had relationships subsequent to that, so I like to call him my first husband.  In fact when I married him I thought 'this will be great because someday I'll be saying 'my first husband the Duke' and look here I am saying it."

Beverly said "I lived in Italy. I was the first non noble marriage in that family - ever.  When I first met my Mother-in-law it was at the Plaza Hotel.  It was a rocky start."  She said Italy was "truly a romantic" and incredible place to live.

So how did she decide to do the first Vacation movie?  She noted "The Duke read the script and it was in 1983 and movies like The Deerhunter and it was drama, drama, drama and if you're starting a career where you want to show you can cry at the drop of a dime or do accents like Meryl Streep has been doing for 100 years, you want to try and do a little bit."

She continued "you don't want to go off and do a comedy.  You don't want to act with animals and you don't want to act with children.  But thank god Chevy was an animal because it worked out OK.  My husband (The Duke) laughed and said 'it's very funny Beverly it's a comical character' and so I said "OK" and decided to do the role."

Her Type Of Man?

When asked if she's in a relationship right now Beverly forcefully replied "no."  She said "watching The Bachelor (ABC's Reality TV romance show) is like aversion therapy.  You watch it and you're uggghhh, I don't want to go there.  I'm a single mom, I have two kids.  I don't think about it that much.  I'm very happy."

Her ideal guy?  She said "I like the kinda obsessed, driven, narcissistic, you known, self involved types.  That's why I'm single.  Because I know if I'm attracted to somebody it's "stay away" because that's my type."

Beverly Attends Her High School Reunion Every Year

The actress told Bonnie Hunt she "attends her high school reunion every year in Columbus, Ohio" and last year she won the "distinguished alumni award basically because they've gone through the entire class and it was time for me."

Growing up she "wore a lot of hand me downs" and she was the only girl in a family of three boys, but the "hand me downs" came from outside the family.

Beverly's Current Roles

Beverly is currently playing a supporting role in the film Shakey" starring Steve Lemme of "Super Troopers" as the widower and 10-year-old Rylie Behr as his daughter. Supporting roles are filled by Beverly as well as Steve Guttenberg and Alfonso Arau.

Although she's still part of the Entourage cast and makes carefully selected supporting appearances Beverly's career on camera has remained secondary to the raising of her children. Occasionally she has made use of her vocal talents performing at L.A. nightclubs and with a jazz band that includes brother Jeff.

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