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Giant Panda Accidentally Gassed In China Will Trigger Worldwide Zoo Changes

Whether you believe in astrology or not, there is a direct planetary tie to the recent death of Quan Quan a 21-year-old giant panda on loan to the Jinan Zoo in China who was accidentally gassed which caused her sudden death.

Quan Quan who was approximately 70 in panda years was considered a rare national treasure because she gave birth to seven cubs during her lifetime.

The planet Saturn recently moved into the sign of Libra for a multiple year stay.  Panda bears are ruled by Saturn which also rules zoos and animals in containment.

The planet Uranus which is sudden, unexpected and unpredictable recently moved into Aries in a challenging opposition position.  Uranus has rulership over social change, independence and sweeping social movement.

There are other planets causing social change, but ultimately the death of Quan Quan which was triggered by transiting Saturn, Uranus, Mars, Pluto and Jupiter.  The movement of Saturn into Libra will also impact the ongoing issues surrounding the legalization of gay marriage which ultimately may wind up in the Supreme Court.

Sweeping social change around animal rights, human rights and the rights of the planet will become at the forefront over the next few years.  Watch for it.

Although Quan Quan was moved to an indoor enclosure to protect her from the summer heat was accidentally exposed to deadly gasses that leaked into her habitat through a flawed ventilation system.

Her death has drawn criticism from international animal advocacy groups who are calling for Chinese officials to strengthen the laws in the country that protect animals in captivity.

The autopsy showed the giant panda died from inhaling a mixture of chlorine, chlorine hydride and carbon monoxide. The fumes made her lungs collapse.

Reports from The Telegraph and the L.A. Times say that workers had been disinfecting an air raid shelter inside the zoo when the gasses leaked through the ventilation system and into the panda house.  Pandas are an endangered species with only 1,000 living in the wild.

Quan Quan's death is causing animal groups and individuals to question the reasoning for having the breeding centers.

Kati Loeffler, veterinary advisor for the International Fund for Animal Welfare told the L.A. Times, "These pandas are being bred for a life in captivity. Why are they being bred? Just so they can circulate through zoos and live next to old air raid shelters?"

Loeffler pointed out that pandas have died in Chinese zoos and the breeding facilities because of malnutrition, stress, inappropriate breeding and poor veterinary care.

Chinese citizens have also called for change in how the pandas are treated. They want an explanation how this type of accident could occur. Giant pandas are treated as celebrities in the country and Quan Quan was beloved by many people.

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