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Tim Roth Of Lie To Me Doesn't Want To Know If People Are Lying

Tim Roth (born 14 May 1961) is an English film actor and director best known for his roles in the American films Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, Planet of the Apes, The Incredible Hulk and Rob Roy, for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

(Image of Tim Roth - Fox/TV - Lie To Me - All Rights Reserved)

He currently stars as Dr. Cal Lightman in the TV series Lie to Me on Fox.

Transitioning From Films To TV Was Difficult

Tim Roth told Bonnie Hunt that the "first season of Lie To Me (they're on season two now) was very difficult transitioning from film to TV."  Until he started working on Lie To Me on Fox, Tim was more well known for his work in various movies.

As Tim explained, the difference between doing films and TV is that TV is "a really different world."  Season Two has been great for Tim.  He said "Season Two we're really finding out feet and I'm really really enjoying it.  I'm enjoying the fast pace and the long hours and the hard work."

Learning Dr. Lightman's Lie Detection Skills

Bonnie Hunt asked if Tim has picked up his character Dr. Lightman's ability to read people and determine whether they're lying or not?  Tim laughed and said "I tell my kids that I do - ish (know how to read people) but I don't."

He explained he really doesn't want "to know how because he really doesn't want to know if people are lying or not."

(Image of Tim Roth (sitting down) from Lie To Me - Fox/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Tim did agree that even though he doesn't consciously want to know how to read people, after playing the character for awhile you just "pick it up and even get cocky and think 'I know, I know' but maybe you really don't and you tend to get it wrong."  Of all the cast members he says "I'm the worst at it.  The others have studied it more and done their homework and they're much better.  I'm the worst."

Even though the character he plays is a "know it all" he professes to personally "know nothing at all."

Catching Acting Bug Growing Up

Tim's dad was a journalist back in London where Tim was born who "got fired from every newspaper he worked for in England.  He was a bit of a troublemaker."  His mother was a "public school teacher."  He never had the acting thing growing up.  His grandfather was an actor and stuntman in America.

He got into acting as a joke.  Tim and a friend went to school with "the most obnoxious children - 16 year olds - and he tended to get beaten up a lot."  The actor admitted to the fact that he and his friend were also "obnoxious" but unlike the other kids "we thought we were wonderful."

(Image of Tim Roth - Fox/TV - Lie To Me - All Rights Reserved)

As a joke and in keeping with the spirit of being obnoxious Tim and his friend auditioned for a play at school.  They decided it would be "hilarious to mess up the audition."  The plan backfired and he got a role in the play, which was a musical about Dracula called Dracula Spectacula.  Tim noted it was "anything, but spectacular" and the experience was traumatizing.

Time said he went out on the stage first "in front of all the school bullies and I actually peed myself.  I was that scared. So I knew I was going to get beaten up later.  And I did.  But, at the same time, while I was peeing myself I got bitten by the acting bug.  Yeah.  It's absolutely true."

Refusal To Audition With Quentin Tarantino

When Tim's agent gave him the script for the hit film, Reservoir Dogs with Quentin Tarantino, Tim thought it was fantastic but he refused to audition.  He explained he's "really really bad" at auditions and has a rule never to do them.

At the time he met with Tarantino he told him straight out he wouldn't audition.  Harvey Keitel was there at the time and Tim said Tarantino was "persistent" but he kept telling him "I'm not going to do that reading thing."

(Image of Tim Roth - Fox/TV - Lie To Me - All Rights Reserved)

The men (Keitel, Tarantino and Tim) got to chatting and "moved to the Deli down the road" and "had a sandwich and pestered me and I said, no, I'm not going to read.  I'm not going to read."  Then they went "to a 7-11 and bought some beer.  By that time we ditched Harvey and we (Tarantino and Tim) were on a mission."

After getting the beer they went back to Tim's apartment.  He confided "by the end of the night I read every character about five times.  And that's the last time I read."

Working With Tarantino

Tim told Bonnie Hunt "working with him is bliss really.   And it's tough.  And if you've ever seen a Tarantino film, he's that.  He's bonkers.  But in a most eccentric, but exciting way.  And so you hit the ground running.  And by the time you stop running it's over.  It's a lot of fun."

(Image of Tim Roth - Fox/TV - Lie To Me - All Rights Reserved)

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