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Lush Mink Lash Extensions Feel Natural and Last Longer

Lush Mink Lash Extensions Feel Natural and Last Longer

"Eyelash Extension Expert, Amanda Jacobellis Launches LAshX Mink Lashes."

Los Angeles, CA - With a blink of mink, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah and Madonna made mink party lashes the hottest beauty craze since Botox.

Now mink eyelash extensions are the latest beauty accessory! LAshX by Makeup Mandy Mink LashesTM long wear extensions are now available exclusively at Makeup Mandy Studio in Los Angeles.

These gorgeous mink lash extensions look and feel amazing, lasting two to four weeks longer then synthetics for a total of six to eight weeks of wear.

With regular touch-ups mink eyelash extensions can last up to 8 months! They are available in a variety of size, color

and curl shapes.

Benefits Of Mink Lashes

Celebrity eyelash extension expert, Amanda Jacobellis lists a number of benefits of mink lashes to include:

• Softer, feel more natural

• Safer, lightweight and flexible

• Individual mink lash application

• Feel like your own lash

• Last longer than regular eyelash extensions

• Perfect for those with sensitive eyes or thin eyelashes

Says Jacobellis, "Most of our lash clients have switched to the mink lashes. They look and feel completely natural and last about two weeks longer than traditional lash extensions. These are also ideal for clients with sensitive eyes or delicate lashes because they are lighter in weight and bend so don't hang heavy on small fragile lashes."

Makeup Mandy is offering a full set of Mink Lashes for $500 (this includes one touch up!) or the Mink Lash Extension Package at $750, which includes a full set of eyelash extensions plus 3 touch ups resulting in up to 8 months of lashes.

About Amanda Jacobellis

Amanda is the Founder and Owner of Makeup MandyTM and Makeup Studio, often referred to as the "Eyelash Bar to the Stars" located in West Hollywood, CA. She is a Celebrity Eyelash Extension and Makeup Expert with over 12 years of experience, working regularly in television, print and film.

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