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Clover FOR Announces the Launch of The Lunch Bunch!

Clover FORTM Announces the Launch of The Lunch Bunch!

Glendale, CA (July, 2010) - What do you get when you mix a foodie mom with 40 hungry preschoolers? The Lunch Bunch!

In 2008, Kelly Anderson, founder of Clover Public Relations Inc., decided to pursue a dream of hers: to attend culinary school.

She soon became a Certified Culinarian and began testing recipes for her daughter's preschool in her spare time.

The other parents discovered that their kids were actually eating their vegetables and asked Kelly to develop a lunch program that would create healthy and tasty recipes for them.Delicious mini pizzas.

"We hide so many vegetables in our recipes it's ridiculous," says Kelly. "The kids have no idea that what they are eating is healthy for them!"

But it doesn't end there: The Lunch Bunch team now consults for other preschools, offers cooking classes for parents & kids, caters parties, and advises restaurateurs on how to incorporate healthy kids' menu options using fresh products that are already in their kitchens.

"The concept is simple, really," says Kelly, "Our motto is From the Earth to the Table." Kelly says she takes a cue from some of her culinary heroes. Similar to what Alice Waters did for the Edible Schoolyard and Jamie Oliver has done for the city of Huntington, WV, Kelly believes in teaching children healthy eating habits at a very early age by using fresh, seasonal and locally-grown/organic fruits and vegetables to create nutritious yet delicious meals. And, she donates her fresh compose to local schools and community gardens, in an effort to keep the circle of life growing.

All of The Lunch Bunch's menu items are completely homemade and devoid of any processed foods, preservatives, deep-fried foods, MSG or iodized salt. "We make everything from scratch, from our pizza dough to our sauces, and whenever we can we use Stevia in our baked goods, which helps keep blood sugar levels regulated in both kids and adults," says Kelly.

(Image of The Lunch Bunch kiwi slices - All Rights Reserved)

Kelly is currently spreading the love with recipe ideas in such media outlets as Calgary's Kids, The Best Ever and This Yuppie Visit for information on all the nourishing services Kelly and her team of culinarians provide.

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