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What Is Best Liposuction And Why?



(New York, NY; July 27, 2010)  In the past several years new technologies have attracted considerable attention in the field of liposuction.

The newest evolution in liposuction - that goes beyond the last most talked-about (that was laser assisted lysis, best known as SmartLipo; also as SlimLipo and CoolLipo) -- uses a different form of energy applied to the tissues that's called bipolar radiofrequency. This new form of liposuction is Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction, or RFAL, with the only company currently in the field calling it BodyTiteTM.

"Although there a lot of technologies out there, I feel strongly that BodyTite is far superior to others, including laser technology like ‘smart lipo.' BodyTite offers unprecedented control, results, and safety," says leading Manhattan plastic surgeon, David Rapaport.

Named one of New York Magazine's Top NYC Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Rapaport was Chief Resident of Harvard Medical School, and of the Plastic Surgery Institute at NYC's Medical Center; today, he has a thriving private practice in New York City, where one of his honed specialties is state-of-the-art liposuction.

"BodyTite allows for tightening of deeper tissues and thus helps avoid the need for more invasive procedures like tummy, arm, and other ‘tucks,' the doctor explains. "And, BodyTite offers the most lasting results."

In summation, BodyTite surpasses preceding liposuction methods because:

-   it offers the surgeon superior control.

-   heating occurs over generalized rather than small area.  This the case with SmartLipo. This means scarring and burning can be avoided.

-   more skin/tissue tightening is produced with BodyTite in areas like abdomen, arms and necks.  This was not possible with conventional liposuction alone.

-   it has the most lasting results.

When seeking lipo surgery, Dr. Rapaport advises, "It's most important to have a skilled plastic surgeon with an artistic sense; one who can determine how much fat there is, and the quality of fat - prior to surgery. And, you want a surgeon who will have an open, honest discussion with you; not just about what can be done, but what may not be able to be achieved."

Dr. Rapaport is one of a select group of plastic surgeons using BodyTite in his New York fully accredited surgical facility. To learn more about BodyTite and other procedures offered by Dr. Rapaport, please visit: .

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