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Fall-Winter 2010/2011 Hair And Beauty Trends

“MONOLOGUE” by Emmanuelle Linard

In a response to the economic downturn, we choose to slow down, take a very close look at our identity and re-assess our brands and products lines, as well as our manufacturing and distribution ways.

We will scrutinize every step of our personal and professional behaviors and open our minds to different solutions to adjust to a new world in motion.

Weary of trying to create everything for everybody, accepting that we have diluted the quality of our merchandise into excessive production and scattered our skills in too many product lines, we strive to simplify it all.

We quiet everything down and we focus on the essence of our brands, the core of our lines, on the magical origins that attracted our customer base in the first place.

This concentrated state of mind becomes a MONO recipe to redefining a sustainable solution for reinventing and marketing our way ahead.

This mono-minded inspiration will apply to many categories of design. Distinct and focused beauty trends are identified for the Fall/Winter 2010-11 in this concentrated approach, where we will comply with sharper design choices, chosen references and accurate creative ideas.

We will be assertive in our beauty looks, to make our seduction known in a distinct choice of color, brick red, all red, black, grey, metallic and more.

Packaging materials and shapes will be adopted without hesitation, sustainable or eerie, decorative or minimalist, historical or futuristic, pure or passionate.

Specialized brands and one-destination store will be elected by consumers who are restructuring their lifestyles and reinventing the way they shop.

To make sense, for now!

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Please follow us on Twitter at: I look forward to meeting new people from all walks of Twitter and learning from their Tweets.

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