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Could You Go With A Short Hairstyle?

In the February 2010 issue of Redbook Magazine three women were challenged to undergo daring hair makeovers.

Ultimately the final makeovers resulted in one woman trading in her long term brunette locks for light, bright blonde, another unleashing her natural curls from under the weight of a weave and one going much shorter.

(Image of Victoria Beckham with below-the-shoulder tresses -  All Rights Reserved).

All three hairstyle changes can be dramatic, but in some ways going short is the ultimate hair dare, especially for someone who has invested a lot of time, money and love into growing their tresses lush and long.

Practicing Good Hair Karma

Am I against short hairstyles?  Absolutely not.  It's not for me, but I believe in practicing good hair karma. 

Which means I encourage everyone to wear their hair whatever color, length or style they love.  Life is too brief to have hair you hate.  It's even shorter when friend, family, your hairdresser or hair care experts try to force their own opinions upon you.

Personally I can't imagine myself going short again because I adore having long hair.  Of course I should never say never because anything can happen.

(Image of Victoria Beckham with a chin-length bob hairstyle - - All Rights Reserved)

There's A Short Cut For Everyone

Paul Labrecque was the mastermind behind the Redbook short cut makeover.  His philosophy is "there's a short cut for everyone".

The owner of three eponymous New York salons, Labrecque says the best way for anyone to go with a much shorter hairstyle is to "focus on a feature you love: open up those cheekbones, show off that jaw, reveal your beautiful neck."

Labrecque took his makeover client "a foot shorter than when she arrived" and cut her hair into a graduated bob accentuating the natural body and wavy texture hidden under all the weight of her hair.

(Image of Victoria Beckham wearing POB - - All Rights Reserved)

Some people can easily transition from long to short or vice versa.

Victoria Beckham is a classic example of someone who has had her hair every imaginable length, style and hair color.  Of course Victoria is constantly in the public eye and has to keep reinventing her look.  Most people would admit she looked amazing when she first went short.

The Ultimate Hair Question

The ultimate question of course is could you really go shorter?  Is there really a short cut lurking underneath your current hairstyle, length and texture?  Only you and your hairdresser know for sure.

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