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COSMOPROF 2010 - Increasing Revenues With Social Networking Session

At every COSMOPROF gathering an amazing array of informative sessions are held.  It was recently announced that a session dedicated to social networking for business owners is being offered at the 2010 gathering.

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This session about increasing revenues with social networking is designed to help attendees - business owners in different areas of the beauty industry - increase revenue by utilizing various aspects of social media and networking.

Our panelists will discuss what has and what has not proven effective in the past. They will also explore up and coming trends in mobile marketing, online consumer communities and social media channels. Attendees will greatly benefit from the shared successes and experiences our panelists bring to the session, and they will be introduced to the extensive options to utilize social networking.

Dan Lagani, Founder of Tre Cani Advisors, will address the future of e-commerce and discuss the importance of content management strategy as well as ideas for increasing ROI using mobile marketing efforts.

Speaking from the marketing side, Maurice Flynn, Social Media and Marketing Sales Expert & Trainer of, will talk about the power of consumer communities online and the function of sales promotion and shopper marketing in the current digital age.

Finally, Joshua Onysko, Founder/CEO of Pangea Organics, will highlight how managing a personal brand across social media channels and gaining brand credibility can increase target markets through digital channels.

Maurice Flynn, Social Media and Marketing Sales Expert & Trainer of, has worked with large and small companies to help optimize their digital sales and marketing strategies. Flynn has been working with creative marketing agencies, helping them start fruitful relationships with relevant brands through marketing innovation and training workshops and events. This has involved work with many major beauty brands including Estee Lauder, Dior, Chanel, Revlon and many others. Previously he worked within the digital divisions of WPP and Omnicom, helping educate brands such as P&G, Unilever, Sky and Audi on the latest opportunities in digital marketing. Flynn started his career with 10 years in brand marketing with companies L'Oreal, Heinz and Johnson. He is a Cambridge engineering graduate. Maurice also donates his time, expertise and funds to help entrepreneurship focused charities and non-profit organizations.

Dan Lagani, Founder of Tre Cani Advisors, a N.Y.-based media consultancy focused on digital media, fashion, beauty and retail. He also serves as Senior Advisor to Stylecaster, the fashion social network called "The Amazon of Fashion" by Ad Age. Throughout his career, Lagani has led and transformed some of the world's best-known media brands including Better Homes and Gardens, Women's Wear Daily and Brides magazine. His efforts have resulted in record profits, revitalized brands and award-winning Web sites, television series, content partnerships, retail programs and live events. Most recently, as president of the Fairchild division of Condé Nast, he oversaw the digital transformation of the company.

Joshua Onysko, Founder/CEO of Pangea Organics, had a personal devotion and commitment to inspiring social sustainability that sparked the inception of Pangea Organics eight years ago. He devised the selling of the highest quality organic, personal care products as a means to an even greater end. After seven years of traveling to the likes of India, Nepal, and Tibet, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Thailand, Onysko had an epiphany: He realized that corporations were inheriting the earth and that by leading by example there was potential to influence others to reconsider their ways. He is an exemplary model for smart, successful eco-living for both civilians and corporations alike. He thinks outside the landfill, and it shows in the company he runs, the products he makes and the people he inspires.

Increasing Revenue with Social Networking is scheduled for Tuesday, July 20, 2010 from 11:00 am-12:00 pm in Pavilion B on the Cosmoprof North America show floor. Romy Schorr, Founder of, will serve as the moderator of this panel. The conference tickets are $20 for PBA Members and $30 for non-members.

After June 21st, prices will increase by $10. To register, please visit: .

Cosmoprof North America 2010 will take place July 18-20 at the Mandalay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information visit

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