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Katherine Heigl Goes From Golden To Chocolate With Muddied Responses

At the recent "Killers" premiere, actress Katherine Heigl made waves when she strutted down the red carpet with her latest hairstyle incarnation.

Why?  The former Grey's Anatomy blonde (Dr. Izzie Stevens) had traded in her long lush blonde tresses for shoulder length chocolate brown corkscrew curls.

In all fairness it should be noted that Katherine has been brunette before ranging from light toast to soft cinnamon.  Her current chocolate is darker than recent brunette versions.  Some of her brunette hues have been directly linked to on-screen character requirements.

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Katherine (Katie to her friends) has undergone a major hair transformation since her marriage to musician Josh Kelley in Park City, Utah, on December 23, 2007.

Katherine and Josh met on the set of a music video and fell in love in front of an audience of hairdressers, make-up artists, photographers and videographers.  It was said by many who witnessed their first encounter to be "love at first sight".

The former model's hair is not the only major changes since her marriage to Josh.  She recently adopted a Korean baby girl (Naleigh) and her career has been turned topsy-turvy.  Part of her acting roles have been impacted by her mouth which the actress has admitted in various interviews has been getting the better of her.

She offended many (fans, critics, producers, film industry pros) with her comments about her role in "Knocked-Up" and then went on to stir up more trouble with thoughts about her role on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy".  Later she apologized for her comments but it's hard to take back words which leave an impression which can be lasting.

Whether she will ever work with Judd Apatow and crew again after knocking "Knocked-Up" is unknown.  However, she will not be returning to Grey's where she was released without returning to wrap up her story lines.

Mixed Reviews On Killers

There's mixed reviews on her new Killer's role, which many are comparing to the popular Mr. And Mrs. Smith.  There's also mixed reviews on her new hair color and style.  Critics have said her new hair color and style was inappropriate for a celebrity-packed movie premiere

Some fashion and beauty critics are saying her new brunette shade works in harmony with her fair skin tone and gives her a richer look.  Personally I like Katherine much better as a blonde.  I also like her hair when it's worn longer to offset her face shape and jaw line.

While I love soft texture such as waves and curls, I think the hairstyle Katherine wore to the Killers premiere was a little too young for her.  All the volume built throughout the perimeter of her medium length style appeared to give her face a more prominent square shape.  It's possible a different hairstyle might have been a better choice.

Behind The Scenes Of Hollywood Hairstyle Selections

However, you never know what was going on behind the scenes.  Maybe Katherine had to go chocolate for an upcoming role and decided to try on curls for size?  Or maybe her blonde tresses got trashed from color changes due to various acting demands.

We will probably never know the true answers behind her Killer's Red Carpet hairstyle.  Possibly Katherine's hubby likes her brunette or she finds it easier to maintain with her new adopted daughter and mommy demands.  Or it could be for a future film role.

Katherine may love her chocolate brown curls and if she does, more power to her.  Afterall, it's important to feel beautiful and wear your hair the way you love it so kudos to Katherine.

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