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Sex And The City 2 Hair Trends Of Sarah Jessica Parker

Whether you love the Sex And The City (SATC) franchise or not, the second movie is now in theaters for your viewing pleasure.

While the critics have ravaged the SATC2 storyline, acting and just about everything related to the film, fashionistas and hair gurus everywhere are delighted with the latest fashions, hair styles, and accessories the Fab Four rocked in this highly anticipated sequel.

The fashion and hairstyles were stunning from the beginning of the film at the gay wedding through the girls' travels to the Middle East to play, enjoy some world class pampering and express their naughty sides.

(Big and Carrie attending a Movie Premiere in SATC2 -New Line Cinema - All Rights Reserved)

While Patricia Field is the go-to fashion expert who is behind all the fabulous fashions worn in SATC2, Mandy Lyons (Sarah Jessica's personal hairdresser), Frank Barbosa (Lead Hairstylist for SATC2 movie) and even Oribe (his hair products were utilized on set) had their hands in the tresses of the various SATC2 stars.

Hair Genius Mandy Lyons

Hair genius Mandy Lyons successfully transformed Carrie Bradshaw's trademark big texturized hairstyles, tousled buns and loose ponytails to a range of more sophisticated and age-appropriate tresses.

(Carrie at nightclub in Middle East in SATC2 -New Line Cinema - All Rights Reserved)

The transformation of all of the four friends was well executed from the viewpoint of being age compatible, but also trendy and linked with current hair trends.

For SATC2 Carrie still wore her hair down and coiffed into a range of wave and curl patterns, but she also wore a series of buns, half buns and faux ponytails.

Volume and Texture Hairstyle Trends

To summarize Carrie's overall hairstyle throughout the movie it can be boiled down to two words:  volume and texture.

These two trends were injected into all of Carrie's hair styles, but with sleekness and sophistication of someone in their 40s rather than the Carrie of SATC's TV days when she was still in her 20s.

It's hard to pick which hairstyle I loved best although I think the top two for me were the gorgeous wrapped formal bun she wore positioned like a pillbox hat at the back of her crown and the tousled curly down hairstyle topped with an eye popping vintage jeweled headband while partying in Abu Dhabi.

(Carrie in the Spice Market in Middle East in SATC2 -New Line Cinema - All Rights Reserved)

Wrapped Texturized Bun

The bun clearly contained add-on strands in contrasting and complementary shades of buttery blonde and light milk chocolate hues which perfectly blended with Carrie's sleek top and hairline.

The wrapped texturized hairstyle created a stunning profile which worked harmoniously with Carrie's gown, face shape, height and body weight.

Beautiful Natural Curls Topped With Vintage Headband

While at a club in the Middle East the lovely Carrie wore her natural curls in stunning ringlets cascading around her face from a side part with the top and crown areas ironed straight with a touch of volume.

Mandy adorned Carrie's gorgeous shiny curls with a breathtaking jewel encrusted 1920s era vintage beaded headband which was the perfect finish to her style.   Although Carrie is never afraid to push the limits of her hair accessories, the vintage era headband was elegant, glamorous and the perfect match for her overall look.

(Carrie in Middle East in SATC2 -New Line Cinema - All Rights Reserved)

Crimped, Curled And Half Buns

As Stanford Blatch's best man at his wedding, Carrie wore a tuxedo with her trademark blonde curls ironed into an explosion of undulating crimps.

The top of her hairstyle was pulled back tightly off her hairline and gathered tightly at the back of the crown adding to the contrast with the crimps.  She topped the wild crimps with a black headpiece which looked like a cross between a tiara and a hat.

While shopping with Samantha she wore a top knot bun with long texturized strands trailing behind the tight knot in the back.


One thing about Carrie Bradshaw.  She never was boring when it came to her hairstyles, hair accessories and hair evolutions.  Luckily for all of us hair fanatics Carrie's tresses don't disappoint in SATC2.

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