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Hair On 2010 Celebrity Apprentice

Although I've been silent about the current season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, trust me, I've been watching.

I guess I haven't been writing about it because I actually have so many favorites on the show I can't decide who to hate.  The women's team have some amazing players ranging from the hilarious Sharon Osbourne to the wild, wacky and delightful Cyndi Lauper.

(Image of Celebrity Apprentice Contestants - Left to Right - Curtis Stone, Maria Kanellis, Holly Robinson Peete, Summer Sanders, Cyndi Lauper and Bret Michaels (missing is Sharon Osborne) as of May 2, 2010 - - All Rights Reserved)

There's also the gorgeous Maria Kanellis, the fierce Holly Robinson Peete and the no-nonsense Summer Sanders who was recently fired.

I actually like the women better than the men although I do like Bret Michaels with his mane of long blonde flowing tresses always covered by his trademark bandanna.

Although I find celebrity chef Curtis Stone annoying at times, just like Sharon does, I do like his spikey blonde hair.  For a guy, Curtis is a wonderful hair role model.

And speaking of hair role models, all of the remaining contestants are worth watching just for their various hairstyles.  Cyndi Lauper has white cotton candy hair she amps up with an array of accent colors ranging from purple to red.  She wears her hair up, down, straight, curly and accents with braids and other twists.

(Image - Left To Right - Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osbourne, Maria Kanellis, Cyndi Lauper - Celebrity Apprentice - - All Rights Reserved)

Sharon Osbourne always looks impeccably coiffed and rocks a short layered crop with stunning maroon and merlot red hues.

Of course Maria Kanellis has spectacular long thick dark red tresses she wears in a wide range of hairstyles.  I loved her various headbands which showed off an array of hair bumps, twists and textures.  No wonder she was such a hit with the hair and beauty worlds.

Lets not forget Holly Robinson Peete.  Besides collecting the largest amount of money for her charity in the history of The Apprentice, Holly has spectacular natural curls which she wears in a myriad of styles from long and bouncy to pulled pack or covered with an array of hats and hair accessories.

Yeah, I know, there's also The Donald with his trademark combover and his lovely blonde daughter Ivanka with her long lush locks.  However, the truth is that this season of celebrity apprentice has some of the best hairstyles to watch ever.

I don't really care that Maria and Cyndi clash and Cyndi has shown Maria her feet of clay.  I also don't care that Sharon doesn't like Curtis.  They all have signature hairstyles which are maintained beautifully and work perfectly for their hair types, textures, face shapes and image.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't care who wins the title of Celebrity Apprentice.  At this point, let the best tressed prevail.

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