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Shear Genius 3 Episode 8 At The Condos

After the Episode 8 Short Cut Challenge when it was announced Jon won (kudos for a great Afro with bangs to Jon) Janine was asked by Camila to speak her mind about her feelings.

(Image of Jon from Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine told Camila and guest judge Linda Wells, Editor In Chief of Allure Magazine and Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend her true feelings about the competition they just went through.

Janine said to Camila "it's frustrating, because it is a competition.  And then (Brig, she's like) 'ha ha ha, I don't care.  It cheapened it.  It's just annoying cause I do care. And I'm doing business.  And it's not cute, it's not funny.  It's like, just shut up and work."

Brig "I apologize Janine if I'm not as talented as you but I'm doing my best."  Janine "I never said that, I said...."  Brig cut her off "And I respect everyone who's here and I'm trying to..." Janine said "you're like in LaLa Land.  Like there's noooo.... It's like you're talking to a wall."

Brig "I'm here to be professional"  Janine "you're the least professional out of everyone.  It's bull****.  It does piss me off and it makes me mad.  Brian should be here and not you."  Brig "wow, I think Janine, she's getting nervous."

(Image of Final Four on Shear Genius 3 - LR - Janine, Matthew, Brig and Jon - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Back At The Condo

After the break the Shear Genius 3 cameras caught up with Brig walking into the condos.  As I previously reported from a chat with Janine last week, the SG3 contestants had two condos downtown.  One for the women, one for the men.

Janine said "I'm walking into the loft tonight, the last thing I want to do is talk to anybody."  As she walks by you see Janine, Matthew and Jon walking in from another direction.  Someone yelled "whoooo".  Brig continued "I don't even want to look at Janine and Matthew."  Brig in fact turned her back to both of them.

Matthew and Janine went to the food bar in the middle of the kitchen and Matthew started dishing up food.   Brig sat down n the corner and started drinking a bottle of water by herself.  She said "I'm over the two of them."

Janine Couldn't Hold Back Her Feelings

Matthew said to Janine "you just couldn't hold back today, could you?"  Janine shook her head.  Matthew said "it feels good, it feels great and you were so ladylike actually."

Janine said "was I?  I was worried about your opinion."  Matthew said "I think anybody that heard that would be proud of you."

(Image of Matthew - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

At that point Jon came into the room with three classes of red wine.  Janine held up her glass towards Jon and said "here's to you winning.  Good job Jon."  Jon said "thank you.  Today kinda s*** all over that."

Jon Defends His Vision Which Won Short Cuts Competition

Jon said to the camera "The Wonder Twins were, you know, against Brig and everything.  I won it.  Yeahhhhh." He took his voice from high to low to indicate the ending to the Short Cuts Competition.

Janine said to Jon "I have to be honest, I didn't totally love it I would have liked it to be more finished.  I think you would have too."  Jon said to the camera "You know what Janine?  I've been a stylist for 20 years, would you shut up for a second."  Jon said to Janine "you know what?  I think it was completely polished and exactly my vision."

Janine said "Jon winning.  It didn't look that great.  You know, not to toot our own horn, but mine and Matthews work was a lot better."  She said to Jon "I would have done full carved out chin length bangs."

Brig Has Left The Building

Brig said to the camera "The Wonder Twins start yapping about how they can't believe Jon won.  I'm just like, I'm out of here."  At that point Brig got up, grabbed her gold lame bag and left the room.

Janine said to Matthew and Jon "she thinks she's above and beyond the Editor In Chief of...."  Matthew says "Allure."  Matthew said "she said (to Linda Wells) she's like 'I don't see what you see.  I don't see what you see with the red."  Janine "she's just like (imitating Brig's high pitched laugh) hee, hee, hee.  I can do anything."

(Image of Brig - Shear Genius 3 Contestant - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Brig in her room said "I'm pretty much back in high school again.  Head cheerleaders picking on the crazy girl.  Geez, same old song and dance.  Is anybody else bored by this?"

Living With A Jack In The Box

Janine and Matthew and Jon were still in the kitchen drinking wine.  Janine said "I live with a ******* jack in the box" referring to the fact that the two remaining women room together.  Jon said "you can come sleep with us.  There's plenty of beds in here now."

Brig said "I've heard this my whole life.  She thinks this is something new and she's going to get me to crack under the pressure?  Go ahead.  Because while you're doing that I'm thinking up my next hairstyle.  That's going to win."

(Image of Final Four - LR Front Row - Matthew and Janine - Back Row - LR Jon and Brig - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine and Matthew were still in the kitchen and Janine said to Matthew "we're still fu-married?  You didn't divorce me?"  Matthew laughed "noo."

Brig's Take On A Gay Man And A Straight Woman

Brig said to the camera "Janine and Matthew, they're having issues.  I'm sure they're going to like screw each other hard tonight.  In only a way a gay man and a straight woman could.  It's not going to be pretty."  The camera showed Matthew and Janine sitting on a bed and laughing together.

Jon Would Prefer His Nails Ripped Off With A Rusty Pair Of Pliers

Jon said "they just invoke something in me where I would rather have my nails ripped off with a rusty pair of pliers."

Janine and Matthew were shown learning dance steps together.  Jon was shown watching them wearing a baseball cap and sprawled out in his chair and swinging his arms up in the air in horror.  Jon was shaking his head as Janine laughed in the background.

Janine And Matthew Are The True Winners

Janine's a winner for speaking her mind and being true to her heart.  I know Janine and she has a passion for doing great hair and being truly professional.  I feel her pain.

Don't forget to visit Bravo/ and vote for Janine as Fan Favorite.  Everyone at is pulling for her.  Go Janine.

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