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Earlobe Lifts Gain Popularity With Plastic Surgeons

A long time ago a friend of mine, Cindy, had one of her pierced earrings rip right out of her ear leaving a vertical tear from her pierced earring hole to the end of her earlobe.

Besides the initial pain, the earlobe developed some scarring and she couldn't wear earring of any kind.

Eventually she visited a plastic surgeon who removed the scarring and repaired the ear.  Although she could wear her pieced earring again, if she wanted, she chose to go with clip-ons, just in case.

(Beyonce Knowles wearing large earrings - her trademark style - - All Rights Reserved)

Recently another friend told me she had visited a plastic surgeon about a procedure to repair her earlobes which had become stretched from years of wearing lots of big heavy earrings.  Seriously?

Anyway, her earlobes were now considered droopy and saggy.  She explained there is a minor plastic surgery procedure available which makes the earlobes smoother and the skin much tighter. Results are immediate and last for nine months to a year.  Sometimes longer if you are careful with the earrings you wear after that point.

How is the procedure accomplished?  It's one of the popular injectible procedures which involves filler injections used to smooth wrinkles, such as Restylane and Juvederm.  They are injected directly into the earlobes.  Yes, a needle is used, but the area can be deadened before the procedure to avoid any pain.  It will feel like a slight prick.

The cost of the procedure ranges from $400 to $1,000 depending upon whether you have one or both earlobes "lifted" and the experience level of the plastic surgeon.  One of the dangers of this injectable plastic surgery procedure is that the target lobe area can be over-injected and over-inflated which results in overly large lobes, swelling and pain.

If you thought women with excessively inflated lips was a trend, wait for the overly inflated ear lobes.  It's becoming very popular so certainly you will see the results as time goes by.

The morale to this story?  Always select a cosmetic surgeon with lots of expertise in injectibles and one who has performed the ear lobe injections with success.  Be sure and do your homework before you commit to the needle.

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