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9 Steps To Fabulous Looking Hair From Jet Rhys


Listed below are some amazing tips from Jet Rhys who is the owner of Jet Rhys Salon in San Diego, California.

1.  Shampoo & Condition!

Find a great shampoo suited for your hair type, e.g. fine, curly etc., with a matching conditioner.   Insider TIP! - Massage the shampoo onto the scalp and let it cleanse the rest of your hair as it rinses out. Apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of your hair, rinse thoroughly then a final cold water rinse for maximum shine.

(Image of Jet Rhys - Courtesy of Jet Rhys - All Rights Reserved).

2. Combing & Brushing!

It is imperative to use a good quality comb and brush! No plastic! Hair will rip and break very easily. Plastic also causes electro static. The more you comb or brush the more static your hair will have. TIP! - Swissco wet comb has nice wide teeth for detangling.  TIP! - For hair brush, Denman Cushion brush is great for all hair types.

3. Shape It!

Hair ages as it grows. The hair closest to your scalp is the youngest; however, the mid lengths and ends of your hair are old; especially if you have long hair. TIP! - A great solution to having a healthy vibrant style is to have your ends trimmed every 5 - 7 weeks.

4. Color It!

Enhance the shine and radiate your skin tone by asking your colorist for a demi-permanent color. This will wash out gradually and not leave any visible re-growth. TIP! - Donʼt be shy about increasing the gold or red highlights to liven up your hair.

5. Style It!

Looks are everything, get styled! Begin by breaking the habit of over-styling and avoid man-handling your wet hair. When hair is wet, it loses up to 35% of its elasticity and is more prone to breakage. TIP! - Wash hair in the PM, air dry, then in the morning pop in about 6 hot rollers for smooth and bouncy hair.

6. Sleep On It!

Your hair is just like your skin - it repairs itself overnight.  Invest in a masque. Every night take a little smear of your masque and work into the mid lengths and tips of hair.  When you wake up you will be amazed how healthy and shiny it is. TIP! - Sleep on a silk pillowcase as opposed to a cotton one. Hair slides on silk, cotton catches and tangles.

7. Keep Hydrated!

Just like your skin, your hair can get dehydrated too - drink plenty of water to increase your hairʼs vitality and shine naturally. TIP! - To re-activate your products in hair or to reduce static by dryness, spritz a little Evian H2O mist right

into the hair.

8. Eat Right!

Even though your can find hair supplements on the shelves in most stores, itʼs best to get the nutrients your hair needs from the right foods whenever possible. TIP! - Look for Omega-3ʼs to enhance shine, flaxseed for strength and fruits and vegetables loaded with folic acid for the over all health of your hair.

9. Own Your Style!

If your hair isnʼt right, your day isnʼt right either. There are little changes or complete makeovers to help us boost our confidence or give us a new outlook. TIP! - Take care of your hair and your hair will look healthy, shiny and give you a youthful glow.

Contact Jet Rhys

Jet Rhys is located at 3846 Fifth Avenue in San Diego, CA. For more information, visit or call 619-291-7511.  Or you can email Jet at:  [email protected].

More About Jet Rhys

What do you get when you combine a world-class colorist and image-making guru with a precision hair cutter and global educator? Jet Rhys salon in San Diego! Jet and Rhys, the salon's co-owners, have taught on stages around the world, styled at A-list events (like the recent LA screening of Julia Robert's new film, "Duplicity") and satisfied thousands

of local style aficionados.

Now, thanks to demand for both them and their highly trained staff members, they'll soon be opening a second location.

One of the best kept secrets of women with come-hither hair, Jet and Rhys frequently work behind the scenes, creating the money shots of those glossy, swingy manes for national television and print and ads of companies like Revlon, Pantene and L'Oreal.

Renowned educators, they have taught other professionals on stages in Japan, Mexico, Australia, the United States and Europe, and worked for color manufacturers, including Wella and L'Oreal. Both are Vidal Sassoon trained (Jet was the salon's former New York Color Director while Rhys is a former Vidal Sassoon Art Director), and when she worked

in New York and London, Jet colored the hair of Vidal himself.

Known for her upbeat wit, as well as her innovative, unparalleled color-passion, Jet's motto is, "look, study and attack." An absolute maestro in working with natural color and skin tones, eye brows, hair texture and bone structure to create a harmonious, signature style, she evolves the looks of the clients in her chair based on "honest" beauty.

It starts with creating the perfect, healthy hair canvas for color to come. Creator of the Jet City video guide to color techniques and the Jet Rhys Color Cocktail-the shaken, not stirred color refresher-Jet focuses on the ideal, image evolution.

Rhys' cult following comes from his ability to "read" hair like the lines on your palm. His precision cuts and incredible styles are as personalized as DNA, which is why clients drive as much as 150 miles just for a Rhys haircut. Also focusing on style evolutions, he has the ability to make changes that work with lifestyle shifts, switching from short textured cuts to long swingy styles with ease. If you're transitioning lengths or layers and have problems with "grow-out," Rhys is the go-to stylist for the fix.

Jet Rhys' styles and advice have been published in national women's magazines, including Allure, Elle, Vogue, Self, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, and Seventeen; in professional publications, like American Salon, Modern Salon, Launchpad, and International Hairdresser's Journal and on beauty websites like Daily Candy.

Their eclectic, creative, San Diego salon is as welcoming and relaxing for celebrities as it is for their diverse clientele. Known as the beauty destination of those in the know, it's one of the rare salons where the staff is as highly trained in their respective specialties as they are in business, client care and etiquette.

Jet Rhys is located at 3846 Fifth Avenue in San Diego, CA. For more information, visit or call 619-291-7511.  Or you can email Jet at:  [email protected].

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