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Kate Winslet Struggles With Post-Breakup Decisions

It's been all over the news recently.  Academy Award winning actress Kate Winslet and her film director husband, Sam Mendes, are now separated and heading for divorce.  The separation happened at the beginning of 2010 and some media outlets are saying it's because Kate and her husband just got bored being married to each other.

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Apparently there's no other parties involved although Kate has been very vocal about her love and affection for her sometime co-star Leo DiCaprio.

Kate is struggling with the question of where she should live with her children.  Current reports indicate she is thinking of moving back to her place of birth in the UK to be near her parents, her sister Anna and her dear friend, actress Emma Thompson.

Although Kate is currently living in New York which affords her a high level of privacy, she is feeling isolated now that her marriage is over.  She also has children and school and moving them would certainly cause for a disruption.

It's hard when a marriage ends to find the support you need, especially if family and friends are separated by an ocean.

Kate does have Leonardo DiCaprio in the States and the two are very close.  Maybe the best thing for Kate would be to establish new support networks in New York to help her get through a challenging time.  Of course uprooting her six-year-old son Joe with Sam and her her nine-year-old daughter Mia would be cause for any good parent to consider.

It's usually sad and challenging for all parties involved when a marriage ends because of all the arrangements that must be made the the life disruptions which occur.

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